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Read ´ We Need to Talk About Kevin É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ The gripping international bestseller about motherhood gone awryEva never really wanted to be a mother and certainly not the mother of the unlovable boy who murdered seven of his fellow high school students a cafetEd teacher who tried to befriend him all two days before his sixteenth birthday Now two years later it is time for her to come to terms with marriage career family parenthood and Kevin's horrific rampage in a series of startlingly direct cor. A novel that's elegant overly articulate yet VERY readable So much dexterity is on display here Damn what an amazing writer is a perpetual thought while reading this with a prose made by some wizard's alchemy a talent filled intuition a distinct view that's brutal uncomfortably honest Shriver outshines even Flaubert himself THIS is the very core of feminism of individualism move over Madame Bovary you cared for the idea of love than anything else anyway never really gave a hoot about child rearing An epic book like We Need to Talk About Kevin is rare yeah I can see this as some rather strikingly beautiful monster composed of the few scary parts from Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby and the ominous tones of The Omen It's a modern psychology dissected with words so carefully chosen both intellectual and to the core precise that deconstructs a past for the sake ofsomething I won't tell This one has a DYNAMITE ENDING that will rattle you and then some It is truly pretty much everything you'd ever want in a book Shriver's account is WAAAAAY compelling than Philip Roth's Pulitzer darling American Pastoral they share the theme of the American dream gone bad as parents are betrayed by their own American flag toting offspringRecommended 100% It's a Grade A brilliant contemporary even historically relevant novel

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Respondences with her estranged husband Franklin Uneasy with the sacrifices and social demotion of motherhood from the start Eva fears that her alarming dislike for her own son may be responsible for driving him so nihilistically off the rai. This book should be sold at the pharmaceutical counter right next to birth control pills I can’t think of a better deterrent for unwanted pregnancy It did a great job of confirming a few truisms maternal instincts are not a given some children are just born bad and the worst mistake a couple can make is to allow a child to divide them It’s the story of Kevin a lethal mix of nature and poor nurturing resulting in the child from hell Yet it’s the character of his mother Eva that I found the most disturbing Totally self absorbed high octane critical; full of discontent no wonder she’s completely unable to form healthy relationships with anyone including the husband she purports to adore Ergo a neurotic son It’s not as sensationalist as I expected this is a terrific book Would I recommend it Oh yeah but with disclaimers; it could easily offend and it’s horrific so read at your own risk It will make you think and it will stay with you ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ for the 21st century only way scarier because it’s based on reality The writing style is unusual at times painfully raw often elegant and always intelligent Be forewarned she tends too overkill in the adjective department like me Memorable uote You can only punish people who have hopes to frustrate or attachments to sever Impenetrable passions have never made Kevin laugh From early childhood they have enraged him They were determined to find something mechanically wrong with him because broken machines can be fixed It was easier to minister to passive incapacity than to tackle the frightening matter of fierce crackling disinterest

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We Need to Talk About KevinThe gripping international bestseller about motherhood gone awryEva never really wanted to be a mother and certainly not the mother of the unlovable boy who murdered seven of his fellow high school students a cafeteria worker and a much ador. Overwritten Arduous BoringSeeing as We Need to Talk About Kevin is famous for being such a gritty disturbing read I always expected to love it in a sick twisted kind of way Unfortunately it is not what I expected at all I had to force myself through one overstuffed sentence after another only to be left feeling drained and dissatisfiedI knew I was in for a paint dryingly slow read almost immediately Every sentence is padded out with big words and details that are clearly there to impress but actually only weigh the narrative down Damn it was hard work And it was made even worse because it's an epistolary novel I couldn't get past the fact that no one would ever talk this way in a letter This is the second sentence and they are all like this But since we've been separated I may most miss coming home to deliver the narrative curiosities of my day the way a cat might lay mice at your feet the small humble offerings that couples proffer after foraging in separate backyards Holy shitKevin's crimes are revealed in the very first chapter so it's a struggle to see what we're really reading for I suppose it is an attempt to show how he got to there built up through tedious anecdotes from his childhood but without mystery or action it was merely dull We already know Kevin is a sociopath; we already know he killed a bunch of his fellow studentsI also had no sympathy for Eva In fact I felt a certain amount of anger towards Eva for deciding her baby had an evil agenda that's honestly not even possible and mistreating him I don't buy into any interpretations that Kevin's psychopathic nature was something he was born with it seemed pretty obvious to me that his mother fucked him up from day one Eva was unlikable Kevin was unlikable and Franklin's blind defense of his son despite the contradicting evidence was just plain annoyingThere was nothing to like hereBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store