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The Orchid Affair Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free º Laura Grey a veteran governess joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the chiWith Jaouen than she originally thought As their plots begin to unravel Laura and Jaouen are forced on the run with the children and with the help of the Pink Carnation they escape to the countryside traveling as husband and wife But Delaroche will stop at nothing to take down his nemesis With his men hot on their trail can Laura and Jaouen seal the fate of Europe before it's too lat. 35 stars After diving back into the Pink Carnation series with the sixth book The Betrayal of the Blood Lily I was eagerly ready to continue readingI have already read the seventh book so I moved on to The Orchid Affair instead As with the previous books we meet a likable heroine in a decidedly awkward situation and a headstrong bachelor with the last thing on his mind being loveWhile many of Willig’s books have a decidedly obvious formula that has never turned me off to the series I think what I love most is her ability to make me buy into the romance no matter how odd or challenging it isAbout the only way I can describe this book is the Von Trapp family without Nazi’s and singing I am not really sure why but it just seemed like that was the best way to describe it Governess goes to work for man who is supposed to be the ‘enemy’ and has children to ‘win over’ only to find that he isn’t as brutish as he seems and the children in desperate need of a female influence With the threat of the French master of terror Gaston Delaroche stalking their every move it becomes rapidly apparent that the family needs to get out of Paris So for me there were hints of The Sound of Music throughout the storyI thought this was going to be a difficult romance for me to buy into mostly because the other romances has of less been between the gentry or lordsladies It’s implied that Andre Jaouen is of a wealthy gentleman in Paris especially because he has a governessWhere as Laura is clearly what she seemsa poor governess eager for adventure but lacking funds or options I figured that would be a challenge for me to believe however Willig as usual does a fantastic job at weaving a believable story between the hero and heroine I loved watching their romance evolve and come to fruition There were times that I felt like maybe it was a little too rushed but the speed seemed about circumstance than about realismMoving there series back to its roots pleased me While I liked the dog leg into India and some of it’s politics the series started as of a ParisEngland situation so I liked that we were getting back to its roots so to speak I also enjoyed returning characters like Miss Gwen and Jane I also appreciated how Willig kind of gave us a little ‘ever after’ in this book Sometimes it isn’t clear what happened to some of our favorite couples but in this one she kind of fills in the gaps toward the end with Eloise’s researchI want to talk a little about my ratings for some of the books in the series While I might give 3 stars to a book in this series it by NO MEANS indicates that it’s a subpar book Every book in the Pink Carnation series is wonderfully addicting for me I literally start one and the next thing I know it’s 2 am and I am still reading I love love love these books They are everything that is promisedthe modern Jane Austen I love them However when compared to the first book in the series it’s hard to compare I tend to base my ratings of the books as they compare to the first book This one was a 35 for me but as I said that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘mean’ book because it was anything but that it just means that compared to the first book it was good rather than outstanding as was the first bookSee my full review here

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Laura Grey a veteran governess joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the children of Andre Jaouen right hand man to Bonaparte's minister of police Jaouen and his arch rival Gaston Delaroche are investigating a susp. The Silver Orchid shines in post revolutionary Paris The Orchid Affair is Willig’s eighth novel in the popular Pink Carnation series set during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France They involve historical espionage romance swash buckle and a fair dose of comedy and sardonic wit – neatly ticking off all the check boxes on my ideal historicalromancecomedy reading hit listThe opening chapters of Orchid were an abrupt change after the high comedy of Willig’s last offering The Mischief of the Mistletoe Get ready to shift gears No Christmas pudding capers here It is 1802 post revolutionary Paris The tone is serious and somber; lots of cold rain a prison interrogation and a visit by Madame Guillotine BrrrOur heroine Miss Laura Grey is eager to do anything other than the governessing that has consumed her life for the past sixteen years Recruited by the elusive flower spy The Pink Carnation she has just graduated from the Selwick Spy School and traveled to Paris on her first mission to of course do what she knows best be a governess albeit an undercover one teaching young children and blending into the woodwork as a servant in the household of an important police official Undercover as Laure Griscogne’s code named The Silver Orchid her assignment is to observe and collect information on the movements of her new employer Andre Jaouen who works at the Prefecture de Paris under Louis Nicolas Dubois Chief of Police and protégé of Joseph Fouche Bonaparte’s Minister of Police Jaouen and his arch rival Gaston Delaroche an agent of Fouche are investigating a Royalist plot to overthrow the First Consul of France Napoleon Bonaparte and reinstate the Bourbon lineParis is grim and imposing – a police state – and not at all what Laura remembered from her childhood Orphaned at sixteen by the untimely death of her artistic parents famous French sculptor Michel de Griscogne and Italian poetess Chiara de Veneti Laura has spent the last half of her life earning her bread in the oppressive governess trade in England Her current employers wife Julie Beniet died four years prior to her arrival and their two young children have until recently been raised by a family friend in the country Jaouen is suspicious that Laura is a plant in his house by Gaston Delaroche the mad megalomaniac to sinister Fouche He does not uite know what to make of this prim matter of fact governess She on the other hand is as eually curious of him Handsome and austere this disheartened Revolutionist ideals of liberté égalité and fraternité are now a muddled dream after the coup d’état of Napoleon and his self installation as First Consul The age of revolutionary enlightened for both of them is now a regime of terror and fearTeaching Latin texts and Aesop’s Fables seem rather dull and un spy like to Laura until her employer’s secret meetings suspicious doings and shocking reveal change the course of her mission As Andre and Laura put aside their differences they are forced to flee the city as husband and wife with the children under the cover of traveling performers in a Commedia dell’arte troupe In hot pursuit is the evil Gaston DelarocheAs in all of the previous novels in the Pink Carnation series except The Mischief of the Mistletoe the parallel plot with contemporary scholar Eloise Kelly prompts the historical story as she conducts her own research for her doctoral thesis on the enigmatic British flower spies during the Napoleonic Wars Her ongoing relationship with Colin Selwick a direct descendant of the Purple Gentian and the Pink Carnation brings them to Paris for Colin’s estranged mother’s weekend birthday party As both plots unfold will the Pink Carnation’s help be enough to assist Laura and Andre to safety and success supply Eloise with enough footnotes for her dissertation and the reward of a marzipan pigWhat a fun adventure The Orchid Affair is Since a ladies imagination is very rapid I was guessing at plots left and right Hmm 1 Stern widower in a dripping greatcoat and prim impoverished governess Will there also be mad wife hidden in the attic like Jane Eyre 2 Brave widower and prim governess flee nasty government officials Do they sing next and go mountain climbing like Sound of Music 3 Stoic widower and prim governess escape by disguise as actors in a comedy troupe a la Scaramouche Oh it doesn’t matter in the least because it is all totally original in the end I just like playing these mind games Readers will see the fun too and join in the huntFans of the series will be pleased to be back in the “Pink” again As a standalone novel The Orchid Affair is an historical triumph Willig is known for her romances but this really is heavier on the historical fiction than romance aside It hearkens back deeply to The Scarlet Pimpernel for espionage and swash A true Anglophile I didn’t know much about this period of French history until I read For the King this past summer This novel covers a later period in Napoleon’s reign as First Consul by a few years but I did recognize many of the same names Thankfully less Googling The research alone must have warranted many trips to the actual Musée des Collections Historiues de la Préfecture de Police in Paris The detail is uite stunningOne of Willig’s trademarks is to interlink characters from one novel to the next It gives the reader a sense of continuity like one big happy “Pink” family She has successfully achieved this by introducing a character albeit briefly in one novel and then highlighting them in another We meet some old acuaintances here too Lady Selwick the Pink Carnation appears and one of my favorites Miss Gwendolyn Meadows Our Lady of the Sharp Umbrella but the two new protagonists Laura Grey and Andre Jaouen take up the majority of the narrative and I could not be happier They are delightful both guarded and reserved they are hiding their real personalities that come to life because of circumstance and association Their romance is well wrought and touching Willig’s writing is just well awesome There are few who can surpass her in witty dialogue and imaginative plots She is top on my list of contemporary authorsLaurel Ann Austenprose

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The Orchid AffairEcted Royalist plot to unseat Bonaparte and Laura's mission is to report any suspicious findings At first the job is as lively as Latin textbooks and knitting but Laura begins to notice strange behavior from Jaouen secret meetings and odd comings and goings As Laura edges herself closer to her employer she makes a shocking discovery and is surprised to learn that she has far in common. Oh dear Laura and Letty are now having a face off over who is the best Willig heroine Arabella is looking on to see if she can capitalize on the disagreement if Pen doesn't beat her to the punchline Mary thinks she is better than all this Charlotte is reading a book and Hen and Amy are far too busy training new spies to notice