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FREE EPUB Ä MOBI Blackout · Í REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD ¸ When half human Cal Leandros wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered remains if a variety of hideous creatures he's not that concerned In fact he can't remember anything including who he isAnd that's just the way his deadly enemies like itMber anything including who he isAnd that's just the way his deadly enemies like it Cal is half human and half Auphe the world’s original monsters and first beings to walk on the planet Raised by his brother they’ve not only had to fight off the Auphe who wanted to use Cal but with their monster fighting skills take on jobs stopping other murdering creatures They’ve come a long way since the first book where they wouldn’t stay in one place long enough to form a friendship; always running from the Auphe Not only is Cal now the only Auphe left but he’s embraced his Auphe abilities to the extent that his Auphe genes are now dominant to his human ones Cal can be a monsterIn this latest book Cal wakes up on a beach surrounded by dead Nepenthe spiders He understands he’s a killer—and easily makes the distinction that he’s not a murderer— but can’t recall who or what he is It takes Niko and Robin four days to find him but since Cal appears to be happy not remembering that he’s part monster they keep that bit of info from him while trying to stop Ammut a creature as old as Robin who feeds on life force leaving the victim a dried out husk As Cal’s memories slowly return he must come to grips with what’s most important to himI had a difficult time deciding whether or not I liked the book The things I enjoyed in the prior books are all there; humor sarcasm scary creatures action a good story and all of the secondary characters we’ve come to know But I don’t know if this book has internal dialogue and self reflection—some of which is excellent—than the prior books or if I’m just getting tired of it Much of it was important but there could be paragraphs of internal monologue in the middle of a conversation Seeing Cal’s philosophy without knowing about his monster half is definitely interesting as is his understanding of what his brother has done or given up for him and how Cal feels about that We’ve only had small glimpses of this in past books but without being weighed down with the thought that he’s a monster Cal is able to mature in this story and eventually comes to termsThis could easily be the last book in the series and I hope it is I've been there since the first book came out when learning about Cal and Niko was fresh as was Cal's sarcasm which made the book a real treat But it no longer feels fresh and the inner dialogue is bogging down the story

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Ins if a variety of hideous creatures he's not that concerned In fact he can't reme 4 12 starsI'm impressed that this series is still going strong and getting stronger at some levelsGiven the blurb I was afraid this book was going to be pitch dark darker than Cal and Niko's wardrobe dark; but it surprised me Of course it wasn't unicorns and rainbows happy this series will never be that and I wouldn't want it to be but there were some genuinely funny moments and some heartfelt moments as well Thurman uses the partial amnesia plot device expertly Instead of going with a totally Auphed out Cal as book 5 would've led the reader to guess she went with a Cal who has his Auphe side temporarily repressed And he's no Boy Scout but he believes in the possibility that he's a good person even while a voice in his head tells him all monsters are evil My concern for the character and dread of what he might do next were similar to what I felt back when Harry Dresden started wielding Hellfire What Niko does with Robin's help to try to keep the alternate version of his brother around because he thinks Cal is happier that way is so poignant When I reached the end when Cal chose to face the truth and had to deal with a new problem I'd never even considered I definitely felt melancholy The writing taps into the mixed emotions and expresses them wonderfully What could have been what could never be what Cal and Niko have to do to surviveI had to sit with it all and think about it awhile It's entertaining urban fantasy on one hand and something something amazingly deep on the otherBTWThurman does a hell of a job with her action scenes and she out guys some male authors in terms of writing from a male point of view with its locker room and strip club talk Definitely not for those who prefer their fiction PG rated

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BlackoutWhen half human Cal Leandros wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered rema Loved loved loved Thurman has done a lovely twist on the old amnesia device successfully re inventing Cal and writing a riveting book While technically it could be a stand alone book it's genius is in the setting of the series and character developmentThe sarcasm is much less dark and self flagellating and closer to genuine playfulness than once I giggled with Cal's lines like Sun in the sky bacon in the skillet and a cell phone for everyone past the first stage of mitosis Then there was Miss Terrwyn saying You have a mouth on you don't you I was thinking you were the uiet sort but maybe I was only thinking you should be the uiet sort And Cal's boast of confidence While I might have the haircut of a sheepdog I was one badass mother effing sheepdog Or during a fight with a pack of spiders The other one fell but dragged itself behind the refrigerator Wasn't that always the way Off to the ultimate spider sanctuary The section with the mummified cats view spoiler in Robin's house was merited a laugh out loud Salome perched on top of that giant refrigerator with dimly glowing eyes crossed in pleasure It was only right Every power mad villain merited minions hide spoiler