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Bob Bushtail's Adventure Free download ✓ 5 Ø Popular Ebook, Bob Bushtail's Adventure by A.J. MacGregor There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780721403144 > format Hardcover and others > 52 pages and has a text language like EnglishMany interesting things in this book isbn 9780721403144 format. Another charming book beautifully illustrated by AJ MacGregor

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Popular Ebook Bob Bushtail's Adventure by AJ MacGregor There are. Bob Bushtail is a suirrel 'and a naughty rascal too' so much so that his mother does not know what to do with him And in this adventure she is at her wit's end as she tries to control her adventurous offspringBob would not stay still when his tail was being brushed and when asked to assist his siblings in doing some gardening he gets into all sorts of mischief And he ignores his mother's advice not to go out of the gate and he scampers off to the woodland where he feasts on acornsNot sure of the intentions of a friendly dog he climbs a tree to be out of the way and in doing so he loses contact with his brother and sister They duly arrive home at Bushtail Cottage without Bob and Mrs Bushtail is so annoyed with them that she tells them 'Now you'll have no jam for tea'It is snowing by the time they have their tea and Mrs Bushtail is worried about Bob so she sets out to find him because she is worried that he might get buried in the snow That however is unlikely to happen for in the meantime and unbeknown to his family Bob has discovered a hollow tree and has curled up snugly in the trunk and is fast asleepMrs Bushtail is so pleased to find him that she picks him up and carries him home while he is still sleeping and when she gets him into the house she wakes him up and gets him some tea Bob soon recovers from the storm not that he particularly needed to because of his snug little hide out in the tree trunk and he promises not to be naughty not to disobey his mother's orders and to always be good in the future we shall seeNicely told and put into verse with lovely illustrations

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Bob Bushtail's AdventureHardcover and others 52 pages and has a text language like Engli. My nephew enjoyed the story and love the rhyming