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FREE DOWNLOAD Unseen by Rachel Caine ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her kidnapping was not an isolated incidentThis Djinn—aided by her devoted follR herself With no other options Cassiel infiltrates the Djinn’s organization because if Cassiel cannot stop the Djinn’s apocalyptic designs all of humanity may be destroyed. Sometimes an author can do their work all too well when creating a villain for protagonists to overcome As in the Jane True series where I felt I would never be truly satisfied until Jarl was dead my dislike for the rogue djinn Pearl has now reached fever pitch Her cult like followers cultivated through a combination of magical manipulation and murder are heartbreaking enough on their own Add an army of children being trained as holy warriors and cannon fodder and I’m out for blood Outcast Season book 2 UNKNOWN revealed a lot of Pearl’s evil without much by way of victory for Cassiel and her allies circumstances that drove me up the wall with frustration to get my hands on the next in book in the series UNSEEN did not disappoint It’s a fast exciting story that moved the plot forward in several satisfying ways Normally I dislike books where the love interests are separated for much of the story but Cassiel and Luis seem to grow deeper in their relationship through the trials they face In this book than any other Cassiel faces how much she has changed since being cast out of the djinn and her personal growth amidst all of the action and danger was both well written and believableUNSEEN includes even revelations regarding Pearl and sets the stage for a very satisfying resolution to the series in book four UNBROKEN The reality of Pearl's fanatics and child soldiers is chilling to the point where Pearl is definitely in the top five of my list of Villains Who Should Die I've got my fingers crossed and high hopes for UNBROKEN here’s hoping Pearl gets what’s coming to herSexual Content Mildly explicit sex scenes

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After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her ki. Originally read 12911 1301145 Stars I just finished this book and sigh I am even in love with this series than ever I’m really glad that Rachel Caine decided to do a spinoff of her Weather Warden series I enjoyed that series a lot but this series has uickly surpassed it and become my favoriteI know a few people who had a problem with Joanne’s personality and the constant rotation of big bads in such a short timeframe in the Weather Warden series If you’re one of them you might want to take another crack at it with this series because it's written very differently There's one big bad that spans the series instead of a different problem in each book They just have specific things to accomplish in one book to get them closer to defeating the bad guy Also I wasn't as big of a fan of Jo and David as I think I was supposed to be I seemed to like the other characters I met along the way better This one I actually like for the characters and the relationship development plus the action too It all feels very solid and even though there's a big bad and the battle to beat her is important Cassiel's growth and change through the series is a huge part tooThe action and intensity really ratchets up in this installment We’ve had some pretty gnarly actions scenes to date but now the stakes seem higher so it it’s all a bit intense I don’t think anything can compete for the sheer badass WTF ery of a certain scene in the second book Unknown where Cassiel proves that she’s still Djinn where it counts but this one certainly doesn’t disappointCassiel continues to be a fascinating complex character She uestions her old beliefs as a Djinn and weighs them against her new experiences as a human Even when she changes she never feels different than her core self Cassiel is someone who will never be weak where it counts Her practicality and willingness to make the hard choice do not endear her to everyone She knows herself and her worth and doesn’t care if people think she’s arrogant because of itI can manageDo you have any idea of your own arrogance ladyYes I said Do you have any idea of yours Her connection to various people is tested here The bonds that she has built are put to the test and not all of them survive There was one character who crossed a shocking line for me and I’m curious to see how that will continue to play out in the next book and if it can be fixed Cassiel also has to make some hard decisions here even when it hurts the ones she cares about the most I was breaking his heart and mine and there was nothing I could do that would heal that wound It was better to let it bleed out the poisonif that was possibleI wasn't sure that it wouldn't kill us bothI feel bad that Cassiel has to shoulder the blame because she’s strong enough to take a harsh look at the situation and do what needs to be done even when she doesn’t want to I can see why other characters are hurt by her decisions and it seems like no one wins in situations like thatWe got to see of Rashid—who continues to fascinate me—and also a bit of Ashan Things are uickly getting out of control and something toward the end happened that upped the ante dramatically Something must be done and it must be done now or it will be too late The next and last book in the series that comes out in 2012 promises to be a wild intense ride I can’t waitI know that I haven't gone into much detail about the actual events of the story but I think it'll lose its punch if I give anything away A large part of the fun of Rachel Caine's writing is uncovering the wild ride page by page The only caution I would make about this book is that it does not stand alone well You really need to start it from the beginning to follow along wellFavorite uoteEverything's fine I said I bought Isabel a petThere was an interestingly long silence and finally he said Is it poisonousNot that I'm aware ofThat'ssurprising somehow from you All right You can explain it all to me laterReview originally posted on Fiction Vixen

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Unseen by Rachel CaiDnapping was not an isolated incidentThis Djinn aided by her devoted followers is capturing children all over the world and indoctrinating them so she can use their strength fo. I have to admit I go all fangirl when a new Rachel Caine arrives in my mailbox and Unseen is no exception Set in the same world as the Weather Warden novels another rockin' series if you're into urban fantasy Unseen is the third in the series featuring the ex Djinn Cassiel and her human Warden Luis Since this is the third in the series there are some spoilers if you haven't read the prior novelsCassiel is growing comfortable in her human skin experiencing emotions on a level she never felt as a Djinn and actually growing to love the humans she's surrounded by She's not entirely sure she likes this new compassion It makes her vulnerable in ways she never was when she was a Djinn This includes caring for and loving humans like little Ibby and of course Luis However she never loses her practicality and willingness to do what's necessary no matter what the conseuences might be oh and there are some serious conseuencesSpeaking of that hot Weather Warden Luis things are moving along uite swimmingly between Cass and Luis As in they're finally getting a piece of each other ooh and what a nice shower scene that was Oh thank all that is good—the sexual tension between the two of them was about to kill me Except despite the ongoing tension and their every growing feelings for each other Luis's first priority is his niece Ibby and protecting her from the psychotic Djinn Pearl and Cass's priority is stopping Pearl without offing all of humanity While that seems like that would go hand in hand it doesn't Those crazy kids I have faith they'll work it out especially considering they really do care for one another and despite their differences they just have such a fantastic connectionAdded into the mix are Djinn from Cass's past Rashid and Ashan Rashid has always fascinated me popping in unexpectedly interfering in Cass's now human life and lending aid when least expected but most needed Then disappearing And then there's Ashan If you've read any of the Weather Warden series you're familiar with Ashan and his distain for human kind He's perfectly comfortable ordering Cassiel to wipe out the human race in order to stop Pearl and then turning Cass into a human as punishment when she refuses So when he pops up back on her radar she's somewhat unsure how to deal with him especially with all those new to her human emotions roiling around in her brain I have the feeling we'll be seeing of him in the very near futureRachel Caine seems to take inordinate pleasure in torturing her characters She takes the writers' maxim of making characters' lives miserable to a higher level I'm awed—and a little scared—every time I pick up a book to find out what torture is in store for the characters Cassiel gets dumped on hard core Characters die right and left Just a little warning—don't get attached to anyone new Most of them don't make it very long in the Outcast world Ibby grows up way too fast and is forced to make decisions no one under seven should ever have to make Unseen is a super fast tension filled story that will have you reading late into the nightRating 47550This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Mary