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Unseen Author Rachel Caine Book Ë 304 pages ´ Rachel caine ´ After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her kidnapping was not an isolated incidentThis Djinn—aided by her devoted follDnapping was not an isolated incidentThis Djinn aided by her devoted followers is capturing children all over the world and indoctrinating them so she can use their strength fo This story actually takes place at the same time as the events of Cape Storm and Total Eclipse from the Weather Wardens series featuring Joanne BaldwinI guess I am one of those who has to be different in my opinion about this story Cassiel IS an interesting character but those around her like Isabel Ibby and Luis make this series worth continuining to read In part she reminds me a little of Joanne in that her decisions aren't always that fun to read about Cassiel was once a powerful Djinn a being as old as the earth herself Thanks to Ashan the leader of the so called True Djinn she lost all her powers and must rely on the charity of the Wardens themselves for her survival Her powers are Earth Wardens like her partner Luis Rocha Rocha now appears to have an affinity for not only Earth but Fire as well; same as his niece Ibby Cassiel and Luis get to know each other horizontally in this book while Ibby is sleeping Of course this doesn't last long as Warden Marian Bearheart from the Warden Series demands that Luis bring Ibby to a school in Montana where they are trying to help those stolen by Pearl the evil former Djinn who was once killed or so it was thought by Cassiel herself Bearheart was hurt so badly in the war between the Djinn and Wardens that she'll never walk againCassiel makes a decision after arrival that in my opinion she should have done before now; go after Pearl and the children she's mind raped Save them kill her Seriously you can say that's what she did to these children because they have absolutely no control over themselves and their powers are extraordinary powerful They've become nothing than a pawn for Pearl against the Wardens and Humans overall Ibby's powers are so powerful that she could eventually die prematurelyI like Ibby's character especially at the end when she and another Pearl abused child named Gillain take a stand and decide that it's time to take Pearl out I also love the addition of Esmeralda the snake girl who Ibby called and asked for help from Another shocker? Ashan was actually likable in this story even though he clearly has an agenda which is the elimination of humankind from the planet in order to stop Pearl and to save Mother Earth from destruction Ashan has true feelings for Cassiel and even goes as far as saving her after Pearl and her children beat her to a bloody pulp Ashan even fore tells his destruction in this book and asks Cass to come back to him If you haven't read the last few books in the Warden Series I suggest you do soWhat's interesting is there are actually several real villians in this story One you don't see coming until the end She hides in plain sight as it were turning the children against those like Marian and Cass The second group is a cult like group calling itself the Church of the New World They are blind followers to Pearl and kidnappers of Warden children Of course there's Pearl who really needs to be stopped soon Maybe in the last book of the series? Overall I shall give this book a 35 rating and only because the last 100 pages were actually enjoyable to read and that's were all the action was as well

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R herself With no other options Cassiel infiltrates the Djinn’s organization because if Cassiel cannot stop the Djinn’s apocalyptic designs all of humanity may be destroyed Sometimes an author can do their work all too well when creating a villain for protagonists to overcome As in the Jane True series where I felt I would never be truly satisfied until Jarl was dead my dislike for the rogue djinn Pearl has now reached fever pitch Her cult like followers cultivated through a combination of magical manipulation and murder are heartbreaking enough on their own Add an army of children being trained as holy warriors and cannon fodder and I’m out for blood Outcast Season book 2 UNKNOWN revealed a lot of Pearl’s evil without much by way of victory for Cassiel and her allies circumstances that drove me up the wall with frustration to get my hands on the next in book in the series UNSEEN did not disappoint It’s a fast exciting story that moved the plot forward in several satisfying ways Normally I dislike books where the love interests are separated for much of the story but Cassiel and Luis seem to grow deeper in their relationship through the trials they face In this book than any other Cassiel faces how much she has changed since being cast out of the djinn and her personal growth amidst all of the action and danger was both well written and believableUNSEEN includes even revelations regarding Pearl and sets the stage for a very satisfying resolution to the series in book four UNBROKEN The reality of Pearl's fanatics and child soldiers is chilling to the point where Pearl is definitely in the top five of my list of Villains Who Should Die I've got my fingers crossed and high hopes for UNBROKEN here’s hoping Pearl gets what’s coming to herSexual Content Mildly explicit sex scenes

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Unseen Author Rachel CaiAfter Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn they realize two things the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power and her ki This review appears on my Happy Indulgence Blog Check it out for reviewsI’ve never read a series that depicts Djinn ie genies as well as the Weather Warden series and Outcast Season does No they’re not blue genies that come out of a bottle but they have super wicked powers and a whole world of their ownWhile the Weather Warden series was from a warden’s perspective who actually happened to be a Djinn early on although briefly The Outcast Season is perfect from us seeing things from a Djinn turned human’s perspectiveCassiel has definitely warmed up to becoming a human as she’s gotten comfortable in her own skin and protecting people that she cares about Earth Warden Luis and his damaged niece Isabel Unlike the Weather Warden series which transitioned between several major enemies the Outcast Season is about one big baddy – Pearl an evil Djinn and her sister who wants to wipe the Earth clean of all life and to start over again with her as the rulerWhat’s dark and disturbing about Pearl is that she’s capturing gifted children and forcing them to break and use their Warden powers early which pretty much assigns them to an early death With her newly found compassion and Djinn resolve for vengeance despite all odds Cassiel is the perfect person to take down Pearl’s operation – before its too lateAs always I really admired Rachel Caine’s flawless writing The entire weather warden series and Outcast Season spin off features some mind blowing concepts such as New Djinn Old Djinn and Earth Warden powers I’ve never been lost once which is a real testament to the way she can paint these concepts so vividly in your head While I was reading Unseen it occurred to me that I felt the depth of pain and betrayal that Cassiel feels simply because of her uniue circumstances of being a DjinnIt felt like I really understood the choices she had to make such as going for vengeance instead of staying with her loved ones That’s just what a Djinnno Cassiel does she can’t sit tight while there are children in the world suffering It’s evident that she’s grown immensely since we first met her in Undone as it may have been difficult connecting with her then but now I can only see things from her practical detached perspectiveThe series really ramps up here with beloved characters thrown into desperation and reaching breaking point seeing the bleak results of what happened to poor Isabel underpin the true evil of what Pearl does and the true power of Earth Wardens With a classic cliffhanger ending I can’t wait to see what happens in the final installment of The Outcast Season and sadly all things Weather Warden