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Murder MachineThe inside story of a single Brooklyn gang that killed Americans than the Irai army Mike McAlary columnist New York PostThey were the DeMeo gang the most deadly hit men in organized crime Their Mafia hi Murder Machine is this extremely brutal and compelling read that is uite unforgettable in all of its gory non stop bloodletting as it superbly details the day to day life of this nasty and vicious organized crime group from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn known as the Demeo crew that was comprised of drug dealers car thieves porn peddlers loansharks scam artists and these savage merciless assassins who while led and encouraged by their intrepid leader Roy Demeo killed and chopped up people than any other gang in modern American history For according to those heroic law enforcement agents and sources that once monitored and eventually brought that utterly ruthless and bloodthirsty gang down the Demeo crew was responsible for committing over 200 homicides between 1975 1983 and in which many of the victims of those professional hits were never found mainly because they were subjected to the gruesome and ritualistic Gemini method where the body after being shot to death and stabbed in the heart several times was stripped naked and dragged into this bathroom that was located in the gang's notorious execution chamber and then it was hung upside down in the shower for roughly 45 minutes so as to allow the blood to congeal After the body was taken down usually after the crew ordered and fed themselves pizza it was placed on this blue tarpaulin systematically hacked to pieces and dismembered with these razor sharp knives then wrapped in garbage bags which were then stored in cardboard boxes before they were finally taken to this pre selected dump for disposal It was this pretty horrifying and macabre procedure indeed and those lethal and sadistic members of the trigger happy Demeo crew which usually included around 5 or 6 hard core killers often laughed and made jokes about each of their killings many of which involved innocent bystanders and potential witnesses that the gang figured needed to be rubbed out Pretty scary stuff for those psychopathic killers the most murderous crew in NYC or the entire country for that matter had no remorse whatsoever and every other Mafia crew including John Gotti and co greatly feared and respected Roy Demeo's gang of merry hitmen though many of their killings were also uite impulsive and on the spot which only served to further enhance their already deadly cowboy reputations Both Mustain and Capeci do this wonderful very detailed job in tracing the origins of every prominent member of the Demeo crew while revealing to this good degree their individual traits family histories and various criminal specialties They also provide this thoroughly researched background descriptionbrief historical synopsis of the CanarsieFlatlands section of Brooklyn so as to broaden and enhance the overall context from which that horrid gang arose and to also provide this understanding of how all those local tight knit scumbagslowlifes came together and eventually morphed into these extremely violent psychopaths and fearsome contract killers who became even tightly knit as their horrendous acts of violence simply proliferated into even acts of blood spattered mayhem and madness The authors also go into sufficient detail on the life and times of Mafia capo Nino Gaggi and his often troubled habitually coked up nephew Dominick Montiglio whose job it was to keep an eye on Roy Demeo's undo

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Murder Machine doc µ Paperback é gene mustain é The inside story of a single Brooklyn gang that killed Americans than the Irai army Mike McAlary columnist New York PostThey were the DeMeo gang the most deadly hit men in organized crime Their Mafia higher ups came to know use and ultimately fear them as the Murder Machine ThGher ups came to know use and ultimately fear them as the Murder Machine They killed for profit and for pleasure following cold blooded plans and wild whims from the mean streets of New York to the Flor Didn’t love the run on sentences at times But loved the book still Very interesting story Great mob book

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Ida Gold Coast and from coast to coastNow complete with personal revelations of one of the key players this is the savage story that leaves no corpse unturned in its terrifying tellingINCLUDES PHOTOGRAP This book started out a little bit slow but picked up a lot of steam as it went on Very well detailed and smartly written and laid out chapter by chapter perfectly There is no mistaking that the crew written about were nothing than blood thirsty serial killers who just happened to be gangsters I found myself angry at the innocent lives taken that had no absolutely no ties to organized crime To me it wasn't enough that Roy got killed and dumped in a trunk by his own men for the trail of misery he left in his wake I liked reading how the different organizations came together to stop this crew but wished for a better ending which is no fault of the authors The real life story was the real life story but u didn't see Dominick as the most sympathetic character so I didn't feel some great joy that he got to escape the life in the end Still a fascinating look at the Mob and how really terrible it is and how it shouldn't be glorified