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READ è The Zondon è Ernie Magawan has been bothered by bazaar recurring dreams of outer space and a green crystal He's tempted to agree with his twin that he might be off in the head until during an archaeology dig he finds the very crystal and realises he's on an mission that started before he was born The stability of the universe depends on their success He haErnie Magawan has been bothered by bazaar recurring dreams of outer space and a green crystal He's tempted to agree with his twin. A good well researched sci fiThe story opens with Ernie an undermotivated guy whose twin outshines him Growing up Ernie experienced vivid dreams of space a tomb in Egypt and a multi faceted glowing crystal Now when he and his brother get the opportunity to resume the exploration of a tomb their parents were forced to abandon before they were born they jump on it but Ernie begins to suspect he's been there beforeI found this to be an interesting book with a good mix of real and fictional science just enough to be plausible if not probable As for the story it's well fleshed out and planned and I didn't notice any plot holes The origins of the aliens both good and bad and the tie in with the creation storythe dinosaurs and the current events in the story are interesting and entertaining The characters are from extremely different backgrounds but their personalities mannerisms and belief systems ring true probably due to the author's research This and the travel in the book makes this story appealing from a contemporary standpoint Unlike many sci fi books this one includes research references and a list of definitions including source and real vs imaginary I really liked that because I don't tend to want to have to research stuff I find in a book designed for entertainment in order to understand it However it might have been better if the terms were linked to their explanations the first time they were introduced in the story perhaps with footnotes As it stands I didn't discover them until I had finished reading Then again maybe that would have distracted from the storyline I can see it going both waysOn the down side some of the details came too much at once in places Already complex theoretical physics becomes even challenging when fictional particles are added to the mix Also when about halfway through the number of characters began to grow almost exponentially I began to find it hard to keep up with them Then near the end they started using nicknames for some of the characters instead of the names they were introduced with That was very confusing especially for Ed Eddie and Edward Three names refering to two people With some context and a little flipping back I was able to figure it out but it made that part of the book a bit slower to get throughBesides the occassional information overload and confusing naming I found the book to be peppered with word choice errors and verb errors mostly the kind that would not be caught by spell check and that would sound right if read aloud The story did seem to be edited don't get me wrong but it needs a little bit to polish off a few rough edgesOverall The Zondon is a good story that fans of contemporary science fiction will likely enjoy There are some grammatical issues but the interesting storyline and well researched science and well developed fictional science make it worth picking up all the sameI found this book for free on and made a goal to read it as part of an A Z book reading challenge I'm participating in this year


That he might be off in the head until during an archaeology dig he finds the very crystal and realises he's on an mission that st. The Zondon by Robby ChartersThis was an interesting read unfortunately I can see that it might easily be one that is uite easily discarded before being finished Overall I think it was well plotted out storyline with interesting features I read it all the way through but I swear that it took me a very long time to digest the first two pages of chapter one and I'm not sure exactly why other than that the style of writing and sometimes oddly structured sentences were distracting not to mention the notion of twins right away that called for names that were closely related Eddie and Ernie I had some difficulty being assured that we were always in Ernies head After that bit it became easier to readA word of caution this has spelling errors wrong words missing words and very odd sentence structure on occasion that number beyond a dozen and for me reaches the severe warning level Such things as the word father instead of Farther; Though instead of thought; 'that I do what have now done'missing an I maybe 'there did came a time' There were instances where the grammar and word choices were correct but the sentence was a bear to digest and that often comes from passive sentence structureRobby Charters has a lot of background in religious study so there is a lot of theology in here It is uite diverse and probably because his background is with interdenominational church I did not find it preachy or anything of that sort and it was pretty integral to the plot of the story What I did find interesting was the exclusion of many religions considered by mainstream Christianity as cults The main reason for the aspect of exclusion to be of note is because this story reads like at least one of those religions If I had not checked his bio I'd have thought Robby was one of that ilk There is at least one time where the dive into theology becomes so steep that it could be construed as preaching except it wouldn't be preaching anything from any of those interdenominational churchesThis story takes place in many geographical locations but it centers often on Ireland and Thailand which I gathered from the bio were the two places the author calls home so he's well acuainted with these areasAlso most of the characters often end up with odd speech patterns somehow related to geographic origin which is okay but when that serves as the only device to give the characters depth it falls short for me and even with that aspect they all manage to sound the same as many people complain when an author fails to use this device Unfortunately it began to feel for me as though someone decided everyone sounded the same so lets change up the speech patterns That's always a good trick to start with if you really feel you need to do that In this case I think most of the time it worked alright but on occasion I got confused about who was from where and had to keep looking back to make sure that that speech affectation worked for that person Sometimes for me this use for differentiating characters by speech affectation becomes a distraction when overusedThere are a lot of pop references Almost too many of those And there were even some where the reference became a bit obtuse for some reasonAlso it became evident at some point that the uest in this book was patterned like some of the MMORPG's online Each uest done in a specific order and often portioned out one at a time or at least in that orderI'd recommend this to lovers of SFF that are not too finicky about the Science part and don't mind a lot if theological discourse Also Young Adult but not anyone who hasn't yet grounded themselves in their personal beliefs about religion This could just get confusingThere was even a place I started thinking Thetans And that's not even the religion this reminds me ofOverall I enjoyed the book it contained a lot of interesting information pertaining to mainstream religion and some unusual notionsThere was one very interesting passage that felt like a recurring dream I've had and it was really pretty creepy having someone crawling through ever tightening passages until they get stuckJL Dobias

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The ZondonArted before he was born The stability of the universe depends on their success He has to find and wake up six others like himself. I have to confess from the outset that sci fi is not a genre that I would read by choice I received a copy of this book on the understanding that it fell into the genre of Mystery Thrillers It doesn’t and that obviously makes it difficult for me to review the book and judge it honestly My prejudices are bound to obtrudeHowever I will do my best to be objective and try to deal with specific writing issues the author’s ability to plot a story to hold the reader’s interest to write well to develop well rounded characters and in the case of sci fi to make the science credible and convincingRobby Charters knows how to tell a story He has a vivid imagination and appears to know a lot about science At any rate he convinced me The Zondon is a story about seven alien creatures who were forced to flee to earth in a form that allowed them to infiltrate the wombs of earth women and be born as earthlings The first half of the book is devoted to telling the back stories of these humans who did not know they were Zondons until each was introduced to a green crystal and recounting how the seven finally found each other so that as a powerful group of seven they could try to save the universe Initially absorbing the individual stories begin to assume an identical pattern It seems to me that perhaps the details of three or four lives and a somewhat truncated version of the rest would have been editorially effective than the repetitious delving into the lives of all seven All of these lives are different and their cultures doubtless reuired considerable and thorough research but the reader can succumb to information overload and that is not good for the story In addition the plethora of characters that begin to emerge as the seven back stories are told becomes so huge that it is difficult for the reader to remember who is who And further complications emerge from the author’s propensity to pursue irrelevant theological and political digressions or lengthy observations on different cultures clever and worthy though they may be These tend to stop the story dead in its tracks and to be honest their complex nature will undoubtedly test the attention span of even the most avid YA reader A good editor would have been ruthless with theseThe writing is generally fast and pacy though patchy in parts as if the writer settled for a first draft without revision There are several formatting and editorial flaws as well as the occasional mis spells all of which tend to grate somewhat eg ‘bazarr’ instead of ‘bizarre’ The story however is well plotted and despite my prejudices it did succeed in holding my interest The characters are well rounded with human flaws that sit oddly but credibly against their Zondon spirits And there is a scary villain in the immensely wealthy terrifyingly powerful darkly sinister Russian Doctor Stanovitch a villain as impressive as any that might be found in the James Bond moviesThe writer tends to opt for minimal description in places leaving the reader with a blank impression of a scene and having to work hard to fill in the blanks For example Ibrahain ‘ thought that New York was amazing and the people even amazing’ What does that mean exactly On the other hand it may well be that the author wants the reader to rush after the story and chooses not to waste time on minor issues a uirk that contrasts oddly with the distracting digressions mentioned earlierAll of that said however my overall impression is that this is a very good story that sci fi fans would probably love It has all the ingredients that such a story would need creative alien worlds tension chases suspense relationships wonder characters with mysterious gifts and skills loads of baffling but convincing scientific explanations and of course the entire world under threat Yes It’s all there