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Hush Hushто се налага да вземе страна погрешният избор може да й струва животаПонякога се налага да се отречеш от любовта си за да я запазиш на всяка ценаМрачен и тайнственКрасив и млад завинагиТой е един от падналитеНора дори не подозира че училището може да бъде толкова опасно Тя си пада по падналияИ вече е твърде късно Един от дваматаще изиграе абсолютното жертвоприношениеПотъпкана клетваПаднал ангелЗабранена любо?. Top Ten Irrational Points in hush hush Nora’s sex ed class begins with the teacher stating “Human reproductionreuires mature handling And like all science the best approach is to learn by sleuthing For the rest of the class practice this techniue by finding out as much as you can about your new seating assignment partner Tomorrow bring your write up of your discoveries and believe me I’m going to check for authenticityI want to see real interaction and teamwork” This is a biology class Teaching kids how to get to know one another reflects the teaching of the science of human reproduction how The next day class focuses on what ualities each student looks for in a “potential mate” and the nuances of body language when hitting on someone Again this is Bio Not health not well I don’t know what cause I never took a class this ridiculous But I took a lot of sciences and this ain’t it Later on in the book the Bio class is “running a lab on blood pressure” Uh that has nothing to do with high school biology And even less to do with human reproduction WTF Further in the blood pressure lab “Vee is lying faceup on a table” Argh Those lab tables are filthy Chemicals dissections kids are not allowed to sit on them much less lay on them And really unless you are checking orthostatic BP there is really no need to lie down for five minutes before hand All I can say is that Becca Fitzpatrick must have been homeschooled Later Nora approaches her Bio teacher about switching her seat away from Patch because he makes her feel uncomfortable The teacher not only ignores her plea but enlists her to tutor Patch This all takes place right after Patch is seriously sexually harassing Nora in class in front of the teacher and seemingly with the teacher’s encouragement More support for the homeschooled theoryNora is driving home one night and approaches a traffic light The light turns yellow and Nora ”rolled to a stop checked to see that traffic was clear then pulled into the intersection” What the hell Who stops at a yellow light to see if traffic is clear Why wouldn’t it be when the other side still has a red light I’m guessing that Fitzpatrick has never owned a driver’s license Ever A rollercoaster called The Archangel Do people at a park really give a crap about biblical lore Further the car Nora Patch ride in has a “grouping of four paintings” depicting an angels’ fall from grace Don’t all rollercoasters have large flashy graphics that can be seen from a distance look cool when speeding around the track Since when do they sport fairly intricate and thoughtful artwork A local paper reported that Elliot Saunders a 16yr old kid was the last person to be seen with a girl before her body was found and therefore was held uestioned for her murder So in addition to being a non driving homeschooled amusement park avoider Fitzpatrick is clearly unaware of laws protecting minors in this country The article continues to state that Elliot was released after a suicide note was found in the victim’s apartment There are no further news stories regarding this matter Nevertheless Nora persists in believing that there is a “murder investigation surrounding Elliot” And this girl has hopes of getting into an Ivy league school Nora has the police at her house for a 911 call and again to uestion her about an attack on a fellow student Nora’s mother is never informed of the police visits despite the fact that Nora is a minor I shouldn’t be surprised because it has already been established that Fitzpatrick has no understanding of laws pertaining to minors Nora sees Patch’s bare back and notices that ”Two thick gashes ran the length of it They started near his kidneys and ended at his shoulder blades widening to form an upside down V” Is it just me If an upside down V extends from the kidneys to the shoulder blades it will NARROW not widen Right Fitzpatrick could have written that the gashes started at his shoulder blades and extended to his kidneys as they widened to form an upside down V But the way it’s written It doesn’t make sense Further the kidneys are pretty much right below the shoulder blades not further out from them Yeah I’m nitpicking The final irrational aspect of hush hush is Nora herselfShe is naïve spineless and a horrible and chronic liar When she doesn’t want to do something she will make up lame excuse after lame excuse even when she gets called out for her excuses she never has the balls to simply say “I am not interested in having dinnerdatewhatever with you” She just continues to make up excuses never comes clean or sticks up for herself When Patch is attempting to corner kiss her Nora tells him to go When he doesn’t she says “My legs are falling asleep” What Who says that Lord if you want him to go and he doesn’t then TELL HIM AGAIN BUT DON’T MAKE UP SOME LAME ASS EXCUSE No wonder people walk all over Nora and take advantage of her Nora is so frightened of Patch that there is even a scene where he is playing cat and mouse with her chasing her around a parked car until she breaks out in a run only to be caught by him in a matter of seconds But despite her fear she never tells him NO I don’t take issue with Patch Really He is thousands of years old presumably isn’t human and for some reason has developed a crush on a very immature teen So I actually expect him to mess with her a little bit But dumbass Nora actually allows him to manipulate her Not that she deserves it although really she does but Nora does nothing to defend herself against Patch Elliot Vee anyone She loses control of every conversation and interaction she participates in And still manages to come out the “heroine” Whatever Had Nora grown or changed as a result of her experiences I could have forgiven her Or if Nora had suffered some severe conseuences as a result of her stupidity I could have forgiven Fitzpatrick As it isI’m considering destroying this library book and facing the repurcussions of a library black mark or god forbid ban all in the name of saving young impressionable teen girls from thinking Nora is the sort of protagonist to look up to Even Bella Swan is admirable And that’s saying something

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Пач се оказва винаги там където е тя и сякаш знае за нея повече отколкото най близките й приятели Тя не може да реши дали да се хвърли в обятията му или е по добре да бяга и да се крие И когато се опитва да потърси някои отговори тя открива истина много по обезпокояваща от всичко което Пач върши с чувствата йБез да подозира Нора е въвлечена в епицентъра на вечната битка между безсмъртните и падналите ангели – и кога. Let's see My reviewWhat I learned from this bookWell I learned that it was a lot of fun to write Enjoy the fall all

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Hush Hush characters æ 107 Û Влюбването не влиза в плановете на Нора Грей Тя не си пада по момчетата от нейното училище без значение колко упорито най добрата й приятелка Вий я тласка към тях Не ги харесва докВлюбването не влиза в плановете на Нора Грей Тя не си пада по момчетата от нейното училище без значение колко упорито най добрата й приятелка Вий я тласка към тях Не ги харесва докато не се появява Пач С безгрижната си усмивка и с поглед който сякаш прониква в нея Пач привлича Нора към себе си и към нейната по добра съдба Или присъдаНо след ужасяваща серия от неочаквани срещи Нора не е сигурна на кого може да вярва. I read this ON A DARE a double dog one if you must know And now I want to look it in the eye and ask REALLY BOOK REALLY Because it doesn't just cross the line into the uncomfortably creepy territory it takes a cosmic leap over it Hush Hush may have the dubious distinction of being the worst book I've ever read I assumed it's a book since that's what you'd call a bunch of printed and bound pages but I'm really applying the term 'book' loosely here Yes I know I'm not the intended audience but should terribly written books that can only aspire to reach the same literary heights as the word of the day toilet paper even HAVE a target audience Yes I'm being harsh But I'm also being honest Let me give you a sample of my complaints all of them would be longer than the allowed review spaceThis book reads as though someone read Twilight appreciated the obviously marketable and profitable premise and decided to rewrite it in an edgier way which boiled down to clumsily asking a uestion What did Twilight lack and coming up with the answer Sexual creepiness bordering on sexual harrassment That's it LLLLLLadies Meet Nora Grey an 'average' high schooler who meets a mysterious boy Patch in biology By the way my future hypothetical daughter will not be allowed to take high school biology since that's where all potential supernatural creeps appear to lurk looking for gullible teenage girl prey The boy acts like a total jerk to her and his sleazy innuendos are alarming and appalling but not charming or witty or sexy The natural things to do would be a tell him off b tell the school officials and c call the police if the d bag does not stop harrassing you Instead Nora Grey decides to madly fall in love with the jerk Dear teenage girls He hates me therefore it means he loves me approach does not work in real life While we're at it PEOPLE WANTING TO KILL YOU IS NOT SEXY EITHER Dear YA authors please stop perpetuating this idiocy Patch is a fallen angel no spoilers it was stated on page one or so with a dark past But basically he is an entitled arrogant jerk who appears to take immense pleasure in publicly humiliating Nora physically forcing himself on her physically intimidating her ignoring her wishes and gloating in his dripping douchebaggery approach while nearly sexually assaulting her in front of the class “I make you uneasy” he asks The proper answer would be to scream YES NOW BACK AWAY But for some inexplicable reason Nora is in love with the creep For some inexplicable reason his appalling behavior is presented as alluring and seductive For some inexplicable reason he is presented as a dark and dangerous man of every girl's dream WHYYYYYYYYYYY Oh nevermind here's the answer Yes actually he had that effect on me He also had the tendency to wipe all logical thought from my mindMy brain couldn’t process one logical thought This may explain why we get pages and pages of this incoherent lovestruck bumbling masuerading as a book Mystery solved my job here is doneWhile I'm on the soapbox let me say this STALKING IS NOT SEXY STALKING IS NOT OKAY STALKING IS NOT LOVE VIOLATING PRIVACY IS NOT LOVE EITHER and should result in a restraining order You see our wonderful Nora thinks it's perfectly okay to learn about the mysterious new boy by breaking into the students' records office to look at the confidential file she does it by calling in a bomb threat which is a awful b promptly forgotten about and never followed up on and spying at him at work snooping for information from his coworkers I hate the message this book is sendingI hate punctuation abuse It's innocent so stop torturing it Please leave the faux dramatic pause ellipses in your fanfiction please Unless you're paid for each ellipsis used End the ellipses abuse What is up with the sloppy writing that assumes describing small insignificant and frankly boring details adds anything to the story Why am I subjected to the endless details of what exactly the characters are ordering in a Mexican restaurant what the specials are and how long it takes a waitress to bring the order Why should I care Why do I need to know the details of the bra design that the girls are shopping for How exactly does that enrich the story Please stop the filler It's awfulHey what with not having the slightest trust in the readers' ability to figure things out What's with the dropping of anvil sized hints every few pages What happened to simple foreshadowing Patch's identity the villain's identity Nora's identity we can figure it out without the author SCREAMING hints into our faces Really Trust meBut in the end despite the awfulness I cannot be upset at Nora mainly because I'm really worried about that girl's health Here's why My heart fumbled a beat My heartbeat turned erratic and I told myself to pull it togetherMy heart did an unexpected flip startled by his bizarrely attractive smile Nora you know what you need instead of a creepy boyfriend A cardiology consult Your heart sounds unhealthy to me Terrible book with lackluster annoying characters ridiculous plot and bad writing but with overabundance of creepiness 1 star because that's the lowest rating I can give Reading it was a miserable experience 40 rating on Goodreads Really Sometimes I really wonder whether I'm reading the same book as everyone else