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Mistral's KissI am Princess Meredith heir to a throne of faerie My day job once upon a time was as a private detective in Los Angeles Unfortunately princess has now become a full time occupationMy aunt ueen Andais will have it no other way And so I am virtually a prisoner in faerie trapped here with some of the realm's most beautiful men to serve as my bodyguards and my lovers For I am compelled to conceive a child an heir to succeed me on the throne Yet after months of. Ok before I review the book I need to say somethingI am so tired of hearing all the negative reviews about this series and the Anita Blake series The negative reviews say that there is too much sex not enough plot the book took place in only a day not enough action Well if you hate it so much why are you still reading it I mean this is the fifth book of the series After the first book you should of had an idea that the series was going to have A LOT to do with sex I mean she is a from a fertility line and she has to get pregnant in order to become ueen she was told to bed as many of the guards as she could I just get aggravated when all of the negative reviews are about the same thing It is a fantasy seriesmagic sex and powerNow onto my review of Mistral's KissI really liked this one a lot There was a lot of magical sex and real sex A lot of names to keep up with and now a lot of powers to keep up with It is easy to get distracted and lose focus if you are not careful The torture scenes with the ueen she was actually holding intestines as a leash Oh My I couldn't breathe in the garden sceneI thought that they were all lostThe whole scene with King Sholto was amazing So many emotions so much action The change in moods change in feelings was greatI love Doyle and Frost they are both perfect for MerryAbe turned out to be pretty interesting and likable Mistral I feel so sorry for him and I hope that he gets a chance at real happiness but I have a feeling Andais will never allow itAnxious to read the next one and see what happens with Merry and her very dis functional familyIt takes a lot of talent to write a series like this one A lot of research and knowledge There is some overkill with the redundant mentioning of things that happened in other books that is always a problem with some series There is no fault to Hamilton's writing I think maybe the editor could be a little attentive but these over sights do not take away from Hamilton's talent or her skill as a great writer She has a lot to keep up with all of the characters the history the myths the Gods and Goddesses she has done her homework and has delivered a well written fun exciting mystical magical series

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Mistral's Kiss Read & download ↠ 2 ☆ I am Princess Meredith heir to a throne of faerie My day job once upon a time was as a private detective in Los Angeles Unfortunately princess has now become a full time occupationMy aunt ueen Andais will have it no other way And so I am virtually a prisoner in faerie trapped here with some of the realm's mAmazing sex with my consorts there is still no baby And no baby means no throne The only certainty is death at the hands of my cousin Cel or his followers if I fail to conceiveNow Mistral ueen Andais's new captain of the guard has come to my bed defying her and risking her terrible wrath in doing so But even she will hesitate to punish him in jealous rage because our joining has reawakened old magic mystical power so ancient that no one stands against it an. Amazingly enough I enjoyed MISTRAL'S KISS After the farce that has become the Anita Blake series I was worried that the Meredith Gentry series would inevitably take the same downhill dive Thankfully that wasn't the case This book is enjoyable and does actually contain a plot There are some negatives of course the first of which is the length of the book itself or accurately the lack of length At only 212 pages this story is 100 pages shorter than the other books in the series It would have made much sense to make MINSTRAL'S KISS another 10 chapters or so in the previous book A STROKE OF MIDNIGHT rather than a stand alone book Also the book only covers a few hours from midnight until dawn following the assassination attempt on Merry's life that came about in A STROKE OF MIDNIGHT I had noticed with the Anita Blake series that the time frames for each book were becoming shorter each time and such now seems to be the case with this series as well The sex doesn't bother me in this series either since the entire background of the main plot line is that Merry must become pregnant before her cousin Cel impregnates someone to take the throne Although the first 70 pages of MISTRAL'S KISS are a sex scene with yet again multiple partners it does actually make sense to the story My biggest complaint about the book by far is the fact that there is a major major MAJOR development at the end of the book that is only given a passing explanation In less than two paragraphs a huge event takes place and yet Ms Hamilton only devotes a few words to it almost as an afterthought Logically speaking this should imply that the next book in the series will expound on that event but if you've been following either of the author's series lately you'd know by now that Ms Hamilton doesn't always seem to write logically Overall I did enjoy the story much so than the last Anita Blake novel It won't take you long to read this it took me less than two hours and you won't see a whole lot of progression but the editing is tighter with this book and you'll definitely appreciate a dose of the faery world

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D survives Not even my strongest and most favored my Darkness and my Killing Frost Not even Mistral himself my Storm Lord But because Mistral has helped to bring this magic forth he may live another dayIf I can reclaim control of the fey power that once was there may be hope for me and my reign in faerie I might yet uell the dark schemes and subterfuges surrounding me Though shadows of obsession and conspiracy gather I may survive From the Hardcover edition. To me this is the euivalent of Micah from the Anita Blake series It's a novella not a novel and does nothing to the series except make us try to like a new character This book is just slightly over 200 pages and half of that is one sex scene with Mistral Now don't get me wrong I don't dislike Mistral He's a very intriguing character even though he's kind of an ass But the fact that he's a Storm Lord is fascinating to me and I want to know about his powers and past What I don't need is reading about his obsession with pain during sex and how much he reads as a sexual predator in those scenes Also all the sex scenes read the same now so half the time I don't even botherThe shining moments in this book actually had nothing to do with Mistral but with Sholto who has been a presence since the first book His journey is probably the most interesting one as he is already a king in his own right but he's also so tormented by his own past that it makes him second guess his worth with everyone There's huge development toward the end of this book but it's almost looked over as Hamilton hardly spends anytime on it she's focused on the sex than anything else