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Read & download Õ Mending Fences 109 Ë Austin Parker is on a journey to bring truth beauty and meaning to his lifeAustin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday At the rate he’s going he probably won’t even see the end of the year The doctors say his chances of surviving are slim to none even with treatment so he’s decided itEs of surviving are slim to none even with treatment so he’s decided it’s time to let goBut before he goes Austin wants to mend the broken fences in his life So with the help of his best friend Kaylee Austin visits every person in. Do you have a wish list of things to do someday Fears to conuer Things to try Places to see People to visit or make amends with We tend to believe or want to believe time will always be there Later Soon Maybe tomorrowAustin Parker is out of time He will never see eighteen years old so he sets off on a roadtrip around Washington to accomplish and conuer his list Readers are invited to jump in buckle up and experience Austin’s goodbyes fears regrets and wishes one by one Roller coaster rides spicy foods keggers and D Austin stole my heart immediately with his open heart and sense of humor His heart and compassion show on every page From the little things to the big emotional issues and messes this boy sueezed the hell out of my heart with simple honest uiet emotion Simply put—I liked him But every roadtrip needs a co pilot to laugh and share the adventure and experiences with soMeet Kaylee The girl Austin has been crushing on perhaps since third grade sigh As soon as I heard Kaylee’s addictions included coffee and books we were like this fingers crossed Oh plus she named her stuffed animal Stinky Cat and drives a 1969 Ford Mustang Come on I loved her for goodness sake never mind Austin ; AnywayAustin enlists Kaylee for a weekend adventure filled with visits heart breaking emotion family friends beauty and fun Kaylee’s love and protectiveness for Austin flows through this tale with every touch shared memory smile and joke You will root and hope for them from the very first stop on the road to the lastWhen Austin and Kaylee’s trip around Seattle and Washington state sets out the errands and stops just feel like items to check off a list Things appeared too clean and tidy Some of the issues were big emotional life issues but with one visit from Austin BAM—all fixed At first my heart wanted to close up and say this is ridiculous and too easy BUT as the story moved on the emotion concern and hope just captured my heart People and problems came back around in the story to form a puzzle that fit together bringing Austin’s journey to life This story just clicked with me I wanted to believe one boy’s concern and efforts could change someone’s life And maybe it canI am a “character” girl If I identify and like the main characters I will follow them anywhere And boy o’boy did Austin and Kaylee bring readers on a beautiful ride Washington comes alive here in this story through her mountains land sunsets and city landmarks Breathtaking beauty that will wake up all of your senses I love Seattle and Ms Bostic brings it to life here with fun touristy spots and scenery The Space Needle and the Jimi Hendrix experience are Seattle musts Time felt so infinite and relaxed in Kaylee’s Mustang Just cruising around slowly taking in the landscape the food company and the ride Austin stole my heart broke my heart and inspired me all at once Our time here is not infinite We should enjoy the ride but also realize time keeps moving Don’t wait Get up Do it now An inspiring heartfelt read that urges readers to get up and start living No regrets

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Austin Parker is on a journey to bring truth beauty and meaning to his lifeAustin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday At the rate he’s going he probably won’t even see the end of the year The doctors say his chanc. THE REVIEWWhy this bookThis seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtAustin is dying and before he goes he wants to make things right in his life I'm so happy I found this book I really makes you think What would you do if you knew you were dying This book was so heartfelt and emotional but fun at the same time Austin and Kaylee were two characters I absolutely loved and I adored their friendship This was a fast paced read and I finished it in one sittingI couldn't put it down This book is filled with Friendshipheartbreak and a bit of romance Overall an enjoyable read

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Mending FencesHis life who touched him in a special way He journeys to places he’s loved and those he’s never seen And what starts as a way to say goodbye turns into a personal journey that brings love acceptance and meaning to Austin’s life. It might be a little early to review this book seeing as it comes out about six months from now But I saw the description on goodreads and it's been raining for a few days now and I guess I was in the mood cause I just knew I had to read it Soon It was a beautiful story This book is about Austin a 17 year old boy that has cancer He wakes up some day and decides to do something meaningful with the time he has left so with the help of his best friend and secret crush Kayleehe's off in a mission to help the people he's known all his life whose problems were always obvious to him but he never did anythingabout it But the time has come for him to face the fact that if he loves this people he needs to do something to make them enjoytheir lives Because that's something he no longer has life timeThe journey was interesting definitely interesting ALL this people in Austin life were FULL of problems they were literally sunk in an ocean of darkness that sometimes it was difficult to believe I mean from a girl that was raped and turned into an anorexic drug addict to a gay friend still in the closet to a lonely working mom that lost her child one of Austin's bestfriends a few years beforeand there was also the guy with a drinking problem and the separated parents that didn't speak to eachother any and the renagated grandma So yeah I might have found myself rolling my eyes at the pages a few times I just couldn't understand why a such a nice boy like Austin would let all this time passed without doing something about it before But I can't blame him though I mean he had cancer he was just a teenage boy I think it's safe to say he might have been absorbed in his own problemsThe good thing is that he decided to change things and just in time I loved him I think he was sweet and loyal and selfless but most of all he was braveNot anyone would have spend hisher time much less when heshe had so little time left trying to help people that were by no means interested in getting helpI really liked the parts when Austin and his best friend Kaylee were together Those times when they were hiking when they went to the fair or the music museum or just when they were riding in her car It was an emotional ride; reading Austin struggling with his feelings was hard but at the end I got rewarded with a beautifulending The perfect ending That last letter was perfect I think it gave us the perfect last glance of who Austin Parker was a joyful teenager that loved indie music the ocean good books and most of all he loved Kaylee Epic romance everyone that reads this will close this book wishing they had something half as amazing as Austin's love for Kaylee35 stars 3