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Characters â Gone, Baby, Gone 106 Ô Boston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find four year old Amanda McCready abducted from her bed on a warm summer night They meet her stoned out strangely apathetic mother her loving aunt and uncle the mother's dangerous drug addled friends and two cops who've found so many abuseLooking for them may not come back aliveSettle in and turn off the phone From its haunting opening to its shocking climax Gone Baby Gone is certain to be one of the most thrilling talked about suspense novels you read this yearDennis Lehane is the author of Sacred; Darkness Take My Hand and A Drink Before the War which won the Shamus Award for Best First Novel presented by the Private Eye Writers of America and was also a Boston Globe best seller Lehane was born and raised in Dorchester Massachusetts and still lives in the Boston area He holds an MFA in creative writing. When a little girl goes missing and her mother's brother and sister in law hire them to find her Patrick and Angela reluctantly accept Their investigation drags them through a labyrinth of lies one they will not emerge from unscathedSweet zombie Jesus this is some good shit I think Lehane might be the newest member of my crime fiction Holy Trinity with Lawrence Block and Richard Stark Here's how it all went downAfter the events of Sacred the previous book in the series Patrick and Angela have or less shacked up and have started bringing in big money When Amanda McCready's family hires them they take the case for the good of the child I thought I had an idea where the case would go but it turned out I was way off Gone Baby Gone was like walking down the sidewalk to get the mail and somehow ending up in ParaguayGone Baby Gone is the most powerful Lehane book I've read yet I thought I was desensitized to crimes against children from reading the Andrew Vachss Burke books but I was wrong Like Mrs Kemper's husband and I were discussing while I was reading Angela and Patrick are much better people than Burke so the pieces of excrement they go up against while looking for a missing child seem that much vileLehane's strength is in his characters and he writes them very well Patrick and Angela are the same people I've grown to know and love over the past few books I felt like they dragged me to hell with them over the course of the investigation Broussard and Poole drove the story forward and were likeable guys I alternated feeling contempt and pity for Amanda's mother Helene Even Cheese was a well realized character Once things went pear shaped I couldn't believe Lehane had pulled the wool over my eyes so thoroughly only to yank the rug out from under me so hard that I banged my head on the radiatorI really can't say much without giving away too much of the plot Lehane made a believer out of me on this one Five easy stars

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S Patrick and Angie are soon forced to face not only the horrors adults can perpetrate on innocents but also their own conflicted feelings about what is best and worst when it comes to raising children And as the Indian summer fades and the autumn chill deepens Amanda McCready stays gone banished so completely that she seems never to have existedThen another child disappears Dennis Lehane takes you into a world of triple crosses elaborate lies and shrouded motives where the villains may be moral than the victims the missing should possibly stay missing and those who go. “Hello darkness my old friend”Having read The Grapes of Wrath earlier this year I didn’t think another book could top it for sheer despair Was I ever wrong It’s as if at the end of the book the Joad’s drove their truck to the local abattoir and let loose on their frustrationsThe book centers on an abduction of a four year old and the involvement of Dennis Lehane’s private investigator duo Kenzie and Gennaro in the attempt to recover the child It’s a journey that takes the reader straight down the dark coal shoot into the blackest abyss What you find there are the baser and crueler elements of what one human can inflict upon another Reading this brought to mind James Ellroy Whereas Ellroy’s noir careens into the grotesue Lehane’s feels like a rasp; uncomfortably repeatedly going over your emotions till they're raw There’s no reprieve from the hopelessness and despondency; no island of joy to cradle in no pause for a gulp of fresh sweet airA powerful and moving glimpse into the bleakness of the human conditionI want to thank my friend Kelly for buddy reading this with me Her daily status updates kept it light

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Gone Baby GoneBoston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find four year old Amanda McCready abducted from her bed on a warm summer night They meet her stoned out strangely apathetic mother her loving aunt and uncle the mother's dangerous drug addled friends and two cops who've found so many abused or dead children they may be too far over the edge to come backDespite enormous public attention rabid news coverage and dogged police work the investigation repeatedly hits a brick wall Led into a world of drug dealers child molesters and merciless executioner. And then depression set inThis book wrecked me the first time I read it It was almost like having post traumatic stress syndrome I found myself staring blankly at the walls for days after I finished it the first time I felt like calling my sister and telling her to keep my young niece locked in the house until she was at least 25 I remember meeting a friend for beers shortly after I finished it and that he asked me what was wrong When I tried to explain he was skeptical “You’re really this bummed over a book” And yes I was that bummed over a bookPatrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro have had enough of the crazy ass violence that has surrounded them for three novels They still run their detective agency but they’re strictly doing routine jobs with no chance of anyone getting hurt They’re also finally relatively happy with their livesThat changes when they get hired to look for Amanda McCready a 4 year old girl who has been missing for days The cops and media are all over it but Amanda’s aunt and uncle want Patrick and Angie to join the search The detectives are reluctant partly because they don’t think that they can do anything that the cops aren’t doing already and partly because neither of them is anxious to sign on for what is almost surely going to be a case that ends badly However the aunt’s desperate reuest for help gets the better of them By the end of it all they’ll really wish they would have just gone on vacationAt this point you’re probably thinking “Kemper you dumb bastard You read a book about a child abduction by Dennis Lehane a guy you knew wasn’t exactly Mr Giggles Were you really expecting a happy ending”Yes I knew it was probably going to be a depressing story but while I had braced myself for all kinds of terrible things happening to kids and terrible things do happen I wasn’t ready for the banal cruelty and neglect that Lehane sprinkled the book with in regards to how some people treat their childrenAmanda’s mother Helene is a barfly and small time doper who doesn’t do anything really bad enough to technically ualify as abuse but Amanda was usually left to entertain herself in front of the TV It’s the tiny details that are heartbreaking like when Patrick checks out Amanda’s room and finds a mattress on the floor few toys and no books of any kind not even coloring books Or when they talk to the people on Amanda’s t ball team and everyone notes how she’s the uietest kid around who acts like she’s used to being ignored You’d have to be one cold bastard not to be saddened by itThis is one of the best crime novels I’ve read Maybe even the best But you won’t be skipping down the street and whistling any time soon after you read itA Few Thoughts on the Movie VersionI was not a fan of Ben Affleck I thought he was a complete goober and that Matt Damon must have wrote most of Good Will Hunting because I couldn’t imagine that Ben could read let alone write anything When I heard that he was going to be one of the people writing the adapted screenplay and directing the movie version of one of my favorite books they probably heard my screams of outrage in Hollywood When he cast his brother Casey as Patrick I exhausted my extensive vocabulary of profanity and swore I’d never see the movieWow I was definitely wrong on that one The movie version is not only one of the best crime novel adaptations I’ve seen it’s just an incredibly good movie period And Ben Affleck’s recent adaptation of another book The Town is also a very good flick so the guy has some very real skillsWhat surprised me most is that Affleck made a couple of very smart changes from the book to the movie He revised Patrick and Angie from veteran smart ass gun fighting private detectives to a couple of kids who mostly track down people skipping out on bills That allowed him to introduce the audience to them and really gave weight to the idea that these were two characters in way over their headsAffleck also tightened up the story to the point that I’d almost call it an improvement over the book’s plot That’s incredibly rare My only complaints are that Angie didn’t come across as Angie like in the film version although she still gets one of her best Big Damn Hero moments in the film and that Bubba has a much smaller role Plus Bubba is portrayed as just a bad ass street guy rather than the one man army he is in the book but again it works perfectly with the way Affleck chose to tell the story Now that he’s adapted two crime novels into top notch movies I’m ready to start my own chapter of the Ben Affleck fan club Just as long as he doesn’t do any Michael Bay movies