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Line of Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, #4) Free download Ö 104 ê To his fellow firemen Tommy Skyler has it all But the golden boy of Station Five hides a private pain He was once a star uarterback until tragedy derailed his dream Since then he's struggled with his choices including his decision to become a fiR opportunity to win her over But when a conspiracy culminates in deadly arson Tommy realizes that a ruthless enemy is closing in threatening to destroy the couple's love and their liv. This was a really good read one thing that just really got my goat though The amount of references to Tommy's mum and dad I mean I get the guy is still only in his early 20's but geez I dont think any hot blooded male talks about momsy and dadsy so much and to a woman he wasnt to do the hanky panky with no lessOtherwise top notch

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Uggled with his choices including his decision to become a firefighter His one ray of light shines in beautiful nurse Shea Ford When a dangerous rescue lands Tommy in the ER what bette. Line of Fire is the fourth book of the Firefighters of Station Five series and ended up liking much than I thought I would At 23 years old Tommy Skylar is the youngest member of Station Five and everyone treats him that way – not like a kid per se but they’re always watching out for him and in fact they do call him “kid” He’s a sweet easy going Brad Pitt lookalike who gets along with everyone so he’s come across as kind of wimpy in the other books But the thing about Tommy is that he’s known some serious grief in his life so his experiences have made him a mature wiser than his years man a side of him which we finally get to see now that he’s got his own bookShea Ford is a 28 year old ER nurse who happens to be on duty when Tommy is brought in with a head injury he received during a rescue Tommy hasn’t hidden his feelings for Shea and even though she’s pushed him away time and time again when she sees him this way she can no longer fight her feelings and things really start to heat up between themThe story was pretty interesting with a corrupt politician and a home grown terrorist trying to set up house in Sugarland TN but even so the most exciting things that happened actually took place during the scenes with the firefighters on the job But one thing that really bugged me and it’s a plot detail so don’t peek unless you’ve read the book but view spoiler when Tommy went back into that building the last time and was hit over the head and left to die how was it the person who attacked him was able to lay in waiting for him in a dangerously burning building How could said attacker see through the smoke to know that it was Tommy there underneath all that gear And last but certainly not least how could Tommy’s murder have been planned in this way when they had absolutely no way of knowing he’d be the one going into the building hide spoiler

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Line of Fire Firefighters of Station Five #4To his fellow firemen Tommy Skyler has it all But the golden boy of Station Five hides a private pain He was once a star uarterback until tragedy derailed his dream Since then he's str. Sigh this series is awesome They are all light fun reads with the best heroes We all know firemen don’t really look like the guys at Station 5 but hey this is fantasy land right Tommy is the youngest at the station at 23 and he’s been struggling lately with the path he has chosen A few years ago his older brother was captured tortured and murdered in the middle east He had a promising football career and was possibly going pro when it happened When his brother died he dropped everything to grieve with his parents He still feels he cannot live up to the memory of his brother and now he’s constantly being referred to as ‘kid’ at the Station He has had his eye on Shea the older ER nurse 28 we met in a few of the earlier books She keeps trying to convince herself that Tommy is too young for her so she tries to date men that the polar opposite of himIt doesn’t take long for Tommy to convince Shea that they are right for each other This happens early on and then you wait for the inevitable break up to happen Like in all of the previous Station 5 books the hero takes one beating after another Whether it is on the job car accidents fights with villains I think she has it in her outline that the hero must spend at least two visits in the hospital for each book Tommy has a horrific accident that leaves him scarred mentally and physically He tries to push Shea away and you just feel his pain that he feels he is no longer a manDavis leaves us with a few TBD’s at the end of this one There is crazy villain still out on the streets and then Captain Sean’s drama will hopefully be wrapped up There is an excerpt from Sean’s book in this one and just couldn’t read it I didn’t want to be teased and have to wait months to find out what happens Note There aren’t many sex scenes but the ones that we get very steamy I do find it hard to believe that on their second sex capade he talks her into anal sex and she’s like ‘ok’ and spreads 'em even though she’s never done it before To me that is something that would happen after you got to know each other for a whilebut hey maybe I am prude