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characters From Spice to Eternity ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ What does life have to throw at you to wake you up Spices and herbs does it for recipes but in life the answer is much elusive An intriguing journey with Yvonne Pat Wright into her life of heartbreak disappointment and despair and how she found her way toDrawn from personal life encounters while living on two islands Jamaica and Great Britain Stories of tears loss and grief are balanced by joyous exciting and triumphant tales which above all demonstrate the unrelenting and indefatigable love of GodWhat does 'spice' have to do with it Much indeed Each chapter is framed within the context of cooking with herbs and spices a fitting metaphor. Yvonne Pat Wright opens her cupboards her kitchen and her heart She gives the reader descriptions and uses historical and present day of herbs and spices The use of the spice or herb reminds her of a story about people she has known places she has been or things she has experienced or discovered Then she gives the reader a recipe that used the herb or spice as a main ingredient But throughout she is sharing what it has taken to make her relationship with Jesus grow and last Then she shares a recipe featuring the herb or spice that began the chapterFrom Spice to Eternity is delightful and delectable The reader is sure to mark their place with a costmary leaf; experiment with creating their own curry powder; fill their kitchen with the aromas of culinary delights from around the world and will be encouraged to find the main ingredient Jesus Christ to fill their lives with a wonderful lasting difference In her author’s note that concludes the book she says “Long after the taste of the recipes have faded Jesus’ loves still remainsWright’s style of writing is informal and invitational encouraging the reader to come and taste not only an Aromatic Milk Bath Baked Ripe Bananas and Rye Bread but to come to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb to enjoy the Bread of Life The Table of Contents is a guide to the stories and the index locates each of the recipes The only things missing are a list of herbs and spices and an index of scripture references Whether interested in botany and gardening filling the kitchen spice rack or listening to or reading well developed clearly articulated stories of Truth that are both thought provoking and memorable the reader will come away with an overall experience which touches the taste buds and the heartWright was born in Jamaica migrated to the United Kingdom living in Buckinghamshire and returned home to her native city of Kingstown Most of her studies and working life she spent in communicating through various positions in advertising radio and television; and writing through publication of a church magazine Bible lesson studies and crafting sermons Her biography in From Spice to Eternity says “She has won the hearts of daughters grandsons and nieces as well as several ‘adopteds’ with her hearty home cooked meals delicately spiced and served up with healthy doses of the value of Christian living

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What does life have to throw at you to wake you up Spices and herbs does it for recipes but in life the answer is much elusive An intriguing journey with Yvonne Pat Wright into her life of heartbreak disappointment and despair and how she found her way to fullfilment and purpose through a love she never thought she would findFrom Spice to Eternity is a compilation of inspirational stories. Light informative expert cookery book with spititual references and life experiences from the Caribbean Very readable and good to keep in the kitchen

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From Spice to EternityFor exploring and finding out how the common garden herb Rue ties in with the Jackson Five brothers or what does Rosemary have to do with faithfulnessAn ideal present for both budding cooks and persons interested in self improvement From Spice to Eternity is a timeless serving of inspiration that will feed both soul and body with heart warming stories and delightful easy to prepare recip. At first I was hesitant to read this book because I really wondered What do spices have to do with eternity If you are not interested in spices do not worry recipes is not all there is in this book This book is a pleasant apportioning of Yvonne Pat Wright’s personal events thoughts and feelings and I never thought books can be tasty and crispy until I read this oneThis book reminded me of how Jesus would use parables to explain some Kingdom principles I laughed giggled and almost cried as I read and pondered the short stories of From Spice to Eternity Discovering the main ingredient to a life of fulfilment and purpose This book is so exciting that as I read it i always could not wait to taste what was in the next dishThis book will remind you of the promises of God It will inform you about some spices and offer you some free recipes But above it all you will get a taste of God’s saving grace love and care