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read Killshot kindle À Paperback ó elmore leonard ☆ “Leonard has written so many first rate crime stories that it would be fatuous to say Killshot is his best but it probably is anyway”—NewsweekThe New York Times bestselling author the Pittsburgh Post Gazette once called “the Alexander the Great of crime fictioElling characters including US Marshal Raylan Givens of TV’s Justified fame and uite simply some of the very best suspense novels written over the past century Killshot is prime Leonard a riveting story of a husband and wife caught in the crossfire when they foil a criminal act and are forced to defend themselves when the legal system fails them 'Killshot' was written during El Leonard's prime so the plot and pacing crackle with intensity The novel is one of the best crime comedy novels Leonard ever wrote it certainly must be on all of his fans' top ten list The book is full of the author's insightful wit along with the usual mix of smart and dumb criminals destroying decent folks and each other until they meet nice but streetsmart people who happen to be a little bit smarter and luckier Wannabe hitman Richie Nix who is someone missing a lot of brain filters along with any moral ones runs into an actual hitman Armand 'Blackbird' Degas The chain of events leading to their acuaintance and partnership are highly improbable but given the amazing true crime non fiction I have read not entirely impossible Whatever Once they meet Nix leads Degas into a scheme of extortion which goes wrong and then wrong starting with targeting the wrong victims Carmen and Wayne Colsen are very good together as a couple Their marriage works despite uirks and differences She's a clever real estate agent and he is a strong muscular ironworker They have a son in the Navy and a very pretty home that they fixed up over several years But when Nix and Degas mistake Carmen's husband for the owner of the real estate company she works for in a Keystone Kops confrontation the two bad guys end up getting their asses kicked Degas and Nix barely escape Their plan to extort the real estate owner is forgotten The couple saw their faces though so the dastardly duo plan a return visit to silence them forever However they don't know who the couple is or where they live and the FBI has become involved because as bumbling as Nix is as a killer he truly is an insane killer Degas and Nix have begun eyeing each other with growing distaste too Perhaps their partnership should be dissolved permanently after they have taken care of the witnesses to their failed attempt to rob the real estate owner Who will live and who will die is going to come down to the best killshot strategy

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“Leonard has written so many first rate crime stories that it would be fatuous to say Killshot is his best but it probably is anyway” NewsweekThe New York Times bestselling author the Pittsburgh Post Gazette once called “the Alexander the Great of crime fiction” El Leonard is responsible for creating some of the sharpest dialogue most comp I'm gonna commit what should be the most flattering of intellectual property crimes and pass along the opening uery with which Kemper begins his admittedly superior review of this book Who would be dangerous two sociopathic killers teaming up or a middle aged couple who could use some marriage counseling Well if that isn't a uestion for the ages then I just don't know what is This is a bit of a lazy review so I'll give you some extra tidbits of info to take into account while puzzling through this scenario One of our sociopaths Armand Blackbird Degas is half Canadian well French Canadian and half Ojibway Indian Sociopath number two Richie is IMHO incredibly annoying The man of the house is an iron worker The little lady is in real estatetaking care of her elderly mother I was up and down with enjoying the story and wanting them to get on with it already I'll tell you this though El Leonard knows how to keep tension in the air I believe the word that is suspense but that term covers far too broad a swath of feelings for my liking these days Short interesting and unpredictable PS I didn't read this in Italian but that's what my cover looked like so just go with it

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KillshotFrom the murderous wrath of a pair of vengeful killers When it comes to cops and criminals stories Killshot and Leonard are as good as it gets further proof why “the King Daddy of crime writers” Seattle Times deserves his current place among John D MacDonald Dashiell Hammett James M Cain and the other legendary greats of the noir fiction genr This is a downloaded from my library was my first by this author so I gave it an extra star for being a good introduction I don't know who narrated this the info isn't even on the audio He was good though The story was fast paced fairly well put together There were a few times I wondered why the characters acted as they did but not one of them was particularly normal The bad guys were psychos the authorities stuffed bureaucrats the victims were great Not exactly normal but I liked them They played well within a simple framework If you want a shot of fast action without a lot of thought reuired El provides a great ride I'll definitely look for audio books by this author I doubt I'll bother buying any of his books though