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Hunger UntamedThey are called Feral Warriors an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will Sworn to rid the world of evil consumed by sorcery and seduction their wild natures are primed for release For a thousand years she has haunted him Ariana ueen of the linas a beauty of mist. 45 StarsThe one person who holds the power to save two trapped Feral Warriors is the same woman who broke Kougar's heart and their mating bond a thousand years ago The love and heartbreaking loss Kougar felt for Ariana is now replaced with anger and contempt for letting him believe she has been dead Whether she wants to or not he will make her help his fellow Ferals Ariana ueen of the Ilinas did what she had to a thousand years ago to save the remaining of her kind and Kougar's life The threat to them all is dangerous than ever Seeing Kougar again reminds her that she has never stopped loving the strong warrior It's a love that must remain hidden The lives of many depend on itI had a serious dislike of Ariana at first By breaking her bond with Kougar she not only hurt him physically but emotionally Then I learned why she did it A Mage used the strong disapproval of one of the Ilinas for Kougar and Ariana's bonding as a way to hurt them all With her people dying Ariana had to make the decision to hide her maidens away and sever the bond between her and Kougar She loved Kougar and it took everything in her to stay away from him I felt for her and respected her for the difficult choice she had to makeKougar has lived in a state of numbness since the break of his mating bond When it was remade at the end of the last book it was as if a fire was lit inside him He is rightfully angry at Ariana and plans to force her to save his fellow Feral not caring about the cost to Ariana or the Ilinas They uickly realize that their people must work together in order to save each other This causes Ariana to spend time with Kougar and the love and lust they once had comes back Kougar begins to understand why Ariana did what she did He opens up to her than he did when they were first mated Kougar is a mystery wrapped in a sexy alpha package and he's hard not to loveWhen Kougar talks to Ariana about his early years we learn about what happened when the Mages and Therians combined their power to defeat Satanan and his horde I found it all really interesting because he wasn't retailing it from a story someone shared with him He was talking about what he saw first hand and it gave a personal touch to the tale instead of it feeling like I was reading it from an old textThe Mage who caused all the pain between Ariana and Kougar has not given up his hold on the Ilinas Through the bond between Ariana and Kougar the Mage will use all his power to destroy the Feral Warriors paving the way from the release of Satanan Pamela Palmer's latest is full of passion action and heartache The race to save the lives of Hawke and Tighe is a nail biter There was a subplot involving the badly scared Wolfe and a human that needed her memories erased I really hope that means that Wolfe's books is next because the way things were left off really had me wanting to read his story I say this each time I finish a book but this is my favorite in the Feral Warriors series Stephanie

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Is neither the soulless creature Kougar believes her to be nor the savior he seeksAnd when darkness threatens to annihilate both races the greatest danger of all becomes the glorious love Kougar and Ariana once shared A love that must never rise again A love that has never di. A little disappointed I waited for this book and was excited to read it but it was a bit of a let down I actually skipped pages I didn't like that she didn't have a good reason for staying away from him for so long The poor guy has been through hell and still forgives her which made me like him but I felt as if she didn't really deserve him It's good the love scenes are good but I don't like the heroine that much Glad Tighe and Hawk are ok

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Read & Download Hunger Untamed ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will Sworn to rid the world of evil consumed by sorcery and seduction their wild natures are primed for release For a thousand years she has haunted him—Ariana ueen of the linasAnd light His love his life mate Kougar believed her lost to him forever until the truth of her stunning betrayal left him bitter and hungry for revenge Now she alone holds the power to save two trapped and desperate Feral WarriorsAriana caught in a deadly battle of her own. I read the ARC version thanks for Pamela Palmer D that held the giveaway contest at her Facebook pageThis book will always be memorable for me since I never win book before and its ARC Its ARC LOL I still can't believe my luck then Even now I'd win so many books I always remember the moment when I win this and Hunger Untamed is my first signed book So happy to see my full name written at the first page and Pamela send a card too 'The evidence Forgive me for the bad uality of the pic PNow into the story I never guess Kougar will have his own books and his book come after Jag Since he is so cold and distant But here he was his story was told and he must reunite with his lost wife at last he think she is already dead AriannaWhat I love from Feral Warrior series is the emotional battle between the hero and the heroine Kougar and Ariana have a hard battle battle based on trust since Arianna deceive Kougar with her fake death Even Kougar hate his ex wife with passion he still need Arianna's power to help his friend Hawke and Tighe who trapped at Daemon's vortex and deep insidehe still love her This book not too steamy if we compare it with previous books which make me a little bit disappointed I already prepare some panties in case I need those when things get hot and dirty snicker but seems that I don't need it LMAOWhy I just give it 4 stars first is I just feel a little bit connection between Kougar Arianna maybe it just my feeling And then at this book Kougar already know Ariana is alive and deceive him while I remember at Rapture Untamed there's no hint Kougar know about Arianna Am I missed something I think the next book is about Wulfe since we will get hint for his maybe heroine but Ecstasy Untamed is about Hawke who just freed from Daemon's trap by Arianna Hawke hurt so bad physically and emotionally It will take his heroine to heal him and bring him back as a warrior againWell maybe I can win Ecstasy Untamed ARC too I will never know ; finger crossed and pray so hard to Random Generator God