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Jitterbug Perfume is an epic which is to say it begins in the forests of ancient Bohemia and doesn't conclude until nine o'clock tonight Paris time It is a saga as well A saga m Told to read this by my boyfriend who declared that I NEEDED to read this book to understand him I am now disgusted and reconsidering my relationship Ok I'm kidding but I take solace in the fact he read this book in high schoolOddly enough my best friend also said this is her favorite bookEither I'm surprised to discover I'm a prude or Robbins wastes way too much of a promising book on misogynistic fantasies of all women as nymphomaniacs who live and breathe to seduce and pleasure their usually significantly older male partners The only relationship that didn't annoy me was between Priscilla and Ricki and even that one was sexually focused I don't mind reading about sex in fact I rather enjoy it if done tastefully but I feel that the overwhelming sexual descriptions took away from the substance of Robbins' ideas I found myself rolling my eyes throughout most of it and was even embarassed when a man in a plane commented on my book choice noting that another author he reads is like Tom Robbins if he had a heart I give it two stars because Robbins is clever maybe too clever and funny and I feel that the ending made up for what was lacking earlier in the book Or maybe I was just glad to be done with it

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Jitterbug PerfumeBottle is actually is the secret essence of the universe as some folks seem to think it had better be discovered soon because it is leaking and there is only a drop or two left The most glarin’ failure o’ the intelligentsia in modern times has been its inability to take comedy seriously The above Wiggs Dannyboy uote sums up the experience of my first Tom Robbins novel It was a wild irreverent intellectually challenging and most of all a ‘fun’ ride a ‘look up Chomolungma’s skirts’ a perennial search for ‘the perfect taco’ a uest for immortality and the meaning of life that tries to expose the connections between perfume tantric sex transcendental meditation pagan rites and ballroom dancing oh and beets Of our nine planets Saturn is the one that looks like fun Of our trees the palm is the obvious stand up comedian Among fowl the jester’s cap is worn by the duck Of our fruits and vegetables the tomato could play Falstaff the banana a slapstick role As Hamlet – or Macbeth – the beet is cast The beet or mangel wurzel gets the royal treatment in the novel put on an eual footing with ancient deities and with esoteric fragrances granted deep philosophical significance and mysterious metahysical powers Robbins lets his exuberance fly from the very first page in singing a paean to the under appreciated vegetable The introduction also serves as a weeding out device for starched collar or thin skinned readers who might be easily offended by the satirical attacks on widely accepted atitudes and religions Speaking for myself the intro had the opposite effect of drawing me instantly into the story The beet is the murderer returned to the scene of the crime The beet is what happens when the cherry finished with the carrot The beet is the ancient ancestor of the autumn moon bearded buried all but fossilized; the dark green sails of the grounded moon boat stitched with veins of primordial plasma; the kite string that once connected the moon to the Earth now a muddy whisker drilling desperately for rubies The story plot itself turned out to be almost irrelevant compared to the flow of ideas and the gleeful deconstruction of ‘serious’ literature Priscilla the genius waitress is working in a Mexican food restaurant in Seattle and in her spare time she experiments with the ultimate perfume Her mentor Madame Devalier is also working on a new perfume in New Orleans with the help of an alluring assistant named V’lu and of a supplier named Bingo Pajama Across the ocean in the perfume capital of the world Marcel ‘Bunny’ LeFever is experimenting himself with the olfactive revolution Later in the book the different strands meet again in Seattle at an institute researching longevity under a modern Flower Power guru named Wiggs Dannyboy and a German Nobel laureate named Wolfgang Morgenstern If you think this was easy to follow add an Argentinian accordionist a secret Tibetan sect named the Bandaloop a Saxon King named Alobar and an Indian low caste woman named Kudra mix in Albert Einstein and a scene borrowed from Dante’s Inferno extend the plot to cover several centuries include an impromptu history of perfume from the ancient to the modern times and put the cherry on the cake with the foul smelling god of anarchy drunkenness and promiscuity – PAN Then you might have an idea of the epic scope of Tom Robbins’ novel According to Priscilla the genius waitress an ‘alobar’ is a unit of measurement that describes the rate at which ‘Old Spice’ after shave lotion is absorbed by the lace on crotchless underpants although at other times she has defined it as the time it takes ‘Chanel No 5’ to evaporate from the wing tips of a wild duck flying backward Of this long list of characters all of whom are relevant in the economy of the novel the catalyst or core element is probably Alobar whose timeline come first and who defines in the most simple words the eternal human dillema sooner or later we all have to deal with the awareness of death Alobar refuses to accept Death’s supremacy and inevitablity setting out to find the secret of immortality I may be mad but I prefer the shit of this world to whatever ambrosias the next might offer and Alobar once king once serf now individual – have you heard of individuals? – free and hungry at your service My mission? Well frankly I am running away from death Heading East from his native Bohemia Alobar learns that freedom of choice euates also with danger and hunger and meets in Greece with one of the old wise ones The Great God Pan – who adds another piece or two to the puzzle of existentialism and free will Come with me Alobar for while we must go forever in despair let us also go forever in the enjoyment of the world and The gods have a great sense of humor don’t they? If you lack the iron and the fizz to take control of your own life if you insist on leaving your fate to the gods then the gods will repay your weakness by having a grin or two at your expense Should you fail to pilot your own ship don’t be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked Refreshed by the god’s drink and by the lusty dryads hanging around Pan Alobar continues to head East reaching the roof of the world where at first he seeks refuge in a Buddhist monastery only to discover that he very much prefers the material to the spiritual life A young Indian woman helps him to make the decision and from this point forward they will be a couple Here they teach that much of existence amounts only to misery; t

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read mobi ¸ Jitterbug Perfume ð Paperback ´ tom robbins î Jitterbug Perfume is an epic which is to say it begins in the forests of ancient Bohemia and doesn't conclude until nine o'clock tonight Paris time It is a saga as well A saga must have a hero and the hero of this one is a janitor with a missing bUst have a hero and the hero of this one is a janitor with a missing bottle The bottle is blue very very old and embossed with the image of a goat horned god If the liuid in the The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a uniue and irreplaceable being“Jitterbug Perfume” is a novel that starts out with 4 separate story lines And then about 120 pages or so into the text the 4 stories slowly start to come together As the tales become and entwined one cannot help but marvel at the genius of Tom RobbinsThe middle of the novel has moments that might get a little too heady for the casual reader and therefore might come across as slow reading Just plow through and make sure to pay attention Robbins is setting something up for later in the textPar for the course with a Robbins text his use of figurative language is astounding Especially impressive in this book are some of his insanely creative similes How does this man do it? On page 60 there is a metaphor about the air in Louisiana as an obscene phone call from nature It is brilliant you know immediately what he is saying and it is typical Robbins Also incredible in this book is the thematic use of beets as a metaphor that is so apt that when it is finally revealed you wonder at how you missed itThe last chapter called “The Bill” is simple astounding and very profound and a killer manner in which to end this novelIn “Jitterbug Perfume” Tom Robbins use of the sense of smell to propel his theme is creative and so practical It makes perfect sense This is one of the best Robbins I have encountered so far and it will guarantee that I continue the journey