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S a story of trappers traders homesteaders gold seekers ranchers and hunters all caught up in the dramatic events and violent conflicts that shaped the destiny of our legendary West From the Paperback editio Another of my favorite author's I have yet to read one of his books I didn't thoroughly enjoy This is a saga of a family out west and very entertaining

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CentennialMichener is America's best writer and he proves it once again in CENTENNIALTHE PITTSBURGH PRESSA stunning panorama of the West CENTENNIAL is an enthralling celebration of our country brimming with the glory Michener stayed with our family for two weeks when he was writing this book We had a cattle ranch in southeast Wyoming and he was doing some of his ranching research with us I was just a teenager then but I remember him vividly He asked the sort of uestion that would allow someone to respond thoughtfully and in great length He would smile and listen and never write anything down but I could see him filing away every word that was spoken He read at least 200 books for every book he wrote He would spend a couple years researching asking uestions and getting to know peoples' stories for every book he wrote Many of the ranching stories in Centennial came from historical events that happened on our ranch He was a remarkable man I miss looking forward to his next book

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Centennial kindle ☆ eBook 9780394479705 Free ´ reflectionslisburnltd î Michener is America's best writer and he proves it once again in CENTENNIALTHE PITTSBURGH PRESSA stunning panorama of the West CENTENNIAL is an enthralling celebration of our country brimming with the glory and the greatness of tAnd the greatness of the American past that only bestselling author James Michener could bring to stunning life From the Native Americans the migrating white men and women the cowboys and the foreigners it i Four stars because it was expertly written but not five because it pissed me off The historic details interweaving of plots and lifelike characters were a collective thing of beauty I did note that Michener left a couple of loose ends Ethan Grebe to start and seemed to forget to color up a character who fascinated me Tim Grebe The character was toward the end of the book maybe he just got tired of writing and wanted to finish it already? What pissed me off however was a distinct sanctimoniousness In addition to crappy dialogue in the modern sections Because he sends me you old prude Really? People talked like that? I'm guessing based on the tone of this book that the 70s were full of people wandering around and wailing about the state of the natural environment at the hands of the evil evil homo sapiens The opening chapters about the natural development of the landscape and the early inhabiting species and migrations and such were fascinating It was fine when it was only the Native Americans there because apparently they understood the world and were in harmony with absolutely everything But then the white man comes along and it's all downhill from there Because of civilization the rivers are polluted and the landscape is stripped and the natural fauna are exterminated and everyone is oppressed oppressed I say I'm not denying that it happened I just object to the tone My heart ached during the passages about exterminating the buffalo and trapping the beaver into oblivion and I came near to tears about the abuse of the Arapaho But seriously did the settlers do ANYTHING right? Were they all evil selfish heartless people except for a thin handful of protagonists that I can count on one hand? Are only descendants of Native Americans able to see and be dismayed by what kind of disaster has been wrought?I know the book was written 35 years ago I know that vast advancements have been made in the way things are handled out there in the past 35 years possibly as a result of things like this book But I don't like reading a novel and coming away from it hating myself for being a human and thus related in any way including merely sharing a species to the people that performed these atrocities I was depressed and angry for the rest of the day The 70s must have been an utterly miserable decade thank god I missed most of them