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Ll's inimitable voice we hear how “the war to end all wars” instead gave birth to every war that would follow including the current war in Ira Written with unprecedented flair and knowledge of the events The World Crisis remains the single greatest history of World War I essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the twentieth centur. Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty during much of World War I and hangs this history on his personal recollections and involvement giving it an immediacy and personality not often achieved in historical writing Churchill himself was an excellent writer he eventually won the Nobel Prize for Literature and is at the top of his form in this comprehensive two volume study of The Great War Later historians have disputed some of his facts and conclusions and he has been occasionally criticized for being self serving at times especially as regards the sinking of the Lusitania and the expedition to the Dardanelles but I found his thinking often compelling and his historical voice both compelling and entertaining This is a deep heavy book written with a delicate touch

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The World Crisis 1911 1918As first lord of the admiralty and minister for war and air Churchill stood resolute at the center of international affairs In this classic account he dramatically details how the tides of despair and triumph flowed and ebbed as the political and military leaders of the time navigated the dangerous currents of world conflictChurchill vividly recoun. Extremely well written with very logical explanations from the fated Dardanelles expedition to the technicalities of submarine warfareThere are many passages that simply sparkle with Churchillian language and rhetoric The strongest passages are when Churchill describes the broad outlines of the war like the shaky alliance with Russia and Italy He also shows an excellent grasp of the overall European scope of the war – something that would serve him well in the coming years He is not solely concerned with the Western Front in France and hardly sees it as the only facet of the World War He saw this front primarily as a stalemate with both sides bleeding themselves to deathBut at times the book focuses only on Mr Churchill’s perspective of the war For much of the war he was head of the Admiralty until the Dardanelles He speaks volumes on the English government role and its procrastination during the war but little is said of the French government Clemenceau gets only a few scattered lines here and there Surely this great historical figure merits There are several pages on Lord Fisher for instance There are some who compare this work favourably to his monumental Memoirs on the Second World War I cannot agree The ‘World Crisis’ is autobiographical I suppose due to the limited role of Mr Churchill and has a narrower perspectiveIf Mr Churchill had not attained immortal fame and that would have been tragic indeed during the Second World War I do not believe this work would merit much attention today – except perhaps as a personal view of one of the many players of ‘The Great War’

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The World Crisis, 1911-1918 Free download æ 102 ä As first lord of the admiralty and minister for war and air Churchill stood resolute at the center of international affairs In this classic account he dramatically details how the tides of despair and triumph flowed and ebbed as the political and military leaders of the time navigatedTs the major campaigns that shaped the war the furious attacks of the Marne the naval maneuvers off Jutland Verdun's “soul stirring frenzy” and the surprising victory of Chemins des Dames Here too he re creates the dawn of modern warfare the buzz of airplanes overhead trench combat artillery thunder and the threat of chemical warfare In Churchi. It is the one hundredth anniversary of World War One and I have been busy reading the newly published works on the subject I thought I should go into my own library and re read Winston Churchill’s book on the subject “The World Crisis 1911 1918” Winston Churchill’s reputation rest above all on his leadership during the Second World War Churchill not only made history but he also wrote it He earned his living as an authorhistorian and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 The book is well researched between the documents maps and Churchill’s narrative it brings history to life From a historical perspective Churchill’s detailed description of the internal politics of the British Government during the Great War documented by thousands of internal letters memos etc has no other precedent in world history Churchill is uick to praise others and eually uick to defend his own wartime decisions backing them with dated documents Although Churchill did not attack the ‘brass hats’ as vehemently as Lloyd George did in his memoirs Churchill’s criticism of Generals French Haig and the commanders strengthened the negative image of the Great War generals that has prevailed to the present day despite the efforts of revisionist historians The dysfunctional relationship between Churchill and Lord Kitchener lead to the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in 1915 Churchill documented this in the book in minute detail providing a vigorous defense of the decision and a critical explanation of what went wrong The ten years after the Great War Churchill wrote the four volumes of history which were combined into this book covering primarily British history from 1870 to 1918 The book covers the time prior to the War and during the War it takes us into the midst of the War leadership on the diplomatic as well as strategic fronts It recounts the major campaigns that shaped the war the attacks on the Somme the Marne naval maneuvers off Jutland Verdun and the surprising victory of Chemin des Dames After Churchill was forced out as First Lord of the Admiralty he served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Scots Fusiliers fighting side by side with other British soldiers He provided the view point of the war from Admiralty to the trenches I love reading books written by Churchill The rhythm of Churchill’s language is unsurpassed I love the meter and beauty of his prose The book is readable and compelling history of World War One Churchill’s refined aristocratic language seems appropriate for the War which ended the age of empires If you are interested in the history of the Great War you will enjoy this book