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review Manifold: Time ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Последни новини за края на света човечеството ще изчезне след 200 години Това гласи пророчеството на Картър и то е неоспоримо изразено с универсалния език на ужител в НАСА и амбициозен предприемач пренасочва цялата си космическа програма за да разбере какво означава то Съобщението дава координатите на Крутний отдалечената втора луна на Земята но никой не знае как да стигне до там Скоро Маленфант бившата му жена Ема едно свръхинтелигентно дете и параноичен математик гени. I'm going to preemptively review this book with five starsAllow me to explain why One of the POV characters is a genetically enhanced suid given human level intelligence who is sent on an exploratory mission to an asteroid The suid without the human trainer's knowledge is pregnant when she leaves on the tripAfter a while space suids begin expanding their habitat developing culture expanding through the solar systemYou can see why I like this book SUID IN SPACEIt also features the first suid sex scene I've ever read so it deserves five stars simply for thatI've enjoyed every other part of the book There's time travel to the distant distant future like trillions of years in the future There's super intelligent children being rounded up in concentration camps Did I mention space suidsThere's a lot of interesting stuff about the possibilities of private companies exploringexploiting extraterrestrial bodiesAll in all awesome I will hopefully finish it tonight but I don't feel the need to wait in order to accurately review this book If the ending somehow ruins it I'll come back and say so Otherwise I recommend it highlyEdit The ending definitely did not ruin this book So I continue to highly recommend that Highly entertaining and thought provoking

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й се отправят към Крутний Резултатът е откриването на истинската причина за съществуването на човечеството Но дали това знание ще помогне за спасяването на човешката раса Време твърдо поставя Бакстър в традицията на Артър Кларк и Айзък Азимов Колко успокоително е да знаем че поне някой все още гледа към звездитеТайм. This is the first in the Manifold series 1 Manifold Time2 Manifold Space3 Manifold Origin4 Phase Space collectionWhile I appreciate the understanding of modern physics that Stephen Baxter demonstrates in this book what with the multiple universe interpretation of uantum theory wavefunction collapse and spacetime manifolds I did find a few bones to pick with the science Especially the prediction of the end of humanity two centuries hence based on the unlikelyhood of living too early in the history of the universe While it is an interesting point epistemologically it just didn't convince me that the date of the end of humanity can be setOn the other hand I was fascinated by the experiences and travels of Reid Malenfant through near future Earth and Cruithne and through the many universes And the enhanced Cephalapods are a concept worth reading about unto themselves So overall I am giving this book a good rating for the breadth of ideas described and trying hard to imagine how a seuel is even possible 35 stars

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Manifold TimeПоследни новини за края на света човечеството ще изчезне след 200 години Това гласи пророчеството на Картър и то е неоспоримо изразено с универсалния език на числата Все още обаче има начин да се избегне Катастрофата Когато едно кодирано съобщение от бъдещето изплува сред фона на космическия шум Рийд Маленфант бивш сл. 30 to 35 stars It has been a while since I read this and it is on my list to re read in the near future I do remember being blown away by the science of the story but feeling that the plot was a little slow at parts Nominee Arthur C Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction NovelNominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel