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Read Ghost Boy doc ß Paperback â Harold Kline is an albino an outcast Folks stare and taunt calling him Ghost Boy It's been that way for all of his 14 years So when the circus comes to town Harold runs off to join itFull of colorful performers the circus seems like the answer to Harold's loneliness He's eager to meet the Cannibal King a sideshow atL King a sideshow attraction who's an albino too He's touched that Princess Minikin and the Fossil Man two other sideshow curiosities embrace him like a son He's in love with Flip the pretty and beguiling horse trainer and awed by the all knowing Gypsy Magda Most of all Harold is proud of trainin I picked this one up because I recently wrote a story featuring a boy about this protagonist's age who also has albinism and I was interested to see how the author handles it Incidentally both this and the last book I read had ghost in the title without referring to an actual ghostAs far as how albinism was handled I think I can best say freuently Harold identified for the first few pages as the Ghost based on a nickname bullies gave him is constantly looking at himself and ruing his white white skin He literally dreams as well as daydreams about how wonderful it would be to have tan skin or freckly skin or any skin other than the milky chalky whitewash skin he's in I don't think a page of the roughly seventy I read goes by without Harold being intensely aware of how pale he isHarold goes fishing Gets bummed over the paleness of his reflection Rubs mud on his armsHarold sees a shed snakeskin Wishes he could shed his own skin for a tanned oneHarold falls asleep Dreams about how everyone would love him if only he didn't have that pesky albinismThe author kind of does this with all character descriptions really If someone is small she's small in every way the thesaurus provides every time she appears And when Harold spends awhile hanging out with Thunder Wakes Him there are passages about the contrast between their skins like whitewash and terracotta that kind of make me sick Same thing when the fortune teller appears Anyone who isn't one hundred percent Caucasian gets herhis skin color described to death with every appearanceThis treatment of a teen boy living with albinism was not too helpful for me given how much Harold lets the condition define him I'm interested in how people with albinism go about their lives regardless not RUN OFF AND JOIN THE CIRCUS because NO ONE ELSE ACCEPTS THEMI also found it a little odd how the author referred multiple times to how blurry Harold's vision is His descriptions make it clear he has nystagmus and certainly it and other vision issues are commonly associated with albinism but in my research I consistently found accounts from people with albinism saying that their vision was NOT blurry They said that it can be hard for normally sighted people to imagine someone having low vision without having blurry vision but that that was the case for them A better description one offered was that their vision is low resolutionUltimately what made me put it down was a lack of real attachment to the characters and story plus the fact that I found the writing style at times pretentious I had to create a new shelf didn't finish for it because couldn't finish was too harsh I could have finished it just didn't feel the need to

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Harold Kline is an albino an outcast Folks stare and taunt calling him Ghost Boy It's been that way for all of his 14 years So when the circus comes to town Harold runs off to join itFull of colorful performers the circus seems like the answer to Harold's loneliness He's eager to meet the Canniba I liked the book ok because it did have a few boring parts and the ending left me thinking there was going to be a seuel The book is about an albino boy named Harold Kline He runs away from his home in Liberty USA to go to the circus He meets Mr Hunter Tina Princess Minikin Samuel the Fossil Man the Gypsy Magda Flip the horse trainer Roman the rigger and Wicks the cook When he meets Flip he falls for her instantly He does anything and everything for her including abandoning the freaks Tina Samuel and the Gypsy Magda When the Gypsy Magda predicts death Harold doesn't think he has much to worry about until Tina is play fighting with him but makes one of the elephants Conrad think she's trying to beat him up Conrad tramples Tina killing her and fullfilling the prediction the Gypsy Magda made Mr Hunter then must shoot Conrad fearing that he may do something like this again In the end Flip marries Roman and Harold just goes home I think Iain Lawrence could've made a seuel by having Harold run into the circus again and end up on another adventure Overall I'd give this book 3 stars

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Ghost BoyG the elephants and of earning respect and a sense of normalcy Even at the circus though two groups exist the freaks and everyone else Harold straddles both groups But fitting in comes at a price and Harold must recognize the truth beneath what seems apparent before he can find a place to call ho I saw this book on a display at the library and it brought back memories from elementary school so I couldn't resist checking it out and revisiting it Some books we read and love as children are timeless and we can revisit them again and again This one was a uick read and entertaining but the plot was definitely very straightforward and much predictable than my 5th grade self remembers I also just finished A Storm of Swords which is perhaps one of the most detailed and complex plots of all time so that may be why I felt so disappointed It definitely brought back memories of being different and not fitting in which is probably why I found it so relatable in elementary school I was never a popular kid and was much happier with my books than interacting with other people I wonder if all book lovers have a little bit of outsider in them I definitely love stories of those who don't fit in The Phantom of the Opera Jane Eyre Beauty and the Beast etc and it's probably because I WAS that kid and many times still am I loved the animals in the book especially Honey The elephant storyline was SO similar to Water for Elephants I had to look up which was published first and it was this book I wonder if Sara Gruen drew any inspiration from this Water for Elephants is definitely grown up but there were so many similarities I definitely wonderIt was pretty basic and predictable but nonetheless a fun little wave of nostalgia