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High on Arrival Free download ¿ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Mackenzie Phillips shares “a raw glimpse” Entertainment Weekly into her lifelong battle with personal demons and near fatal addictions—and reveals the shattering truth behind her complex secretive and damaging history with her father the legendary JNg and a rapt TV audience watched as Julie Cooper wasted away before their eyes By the time Mackenzie discovered how deep and dark her father’s trip was going it was too late As an adult she has paid dearly for a lifetime of excess working tirelessly to reconcile her wonderful terrible past and the pull of her magnetic father By sharing her journey toward redemption and peace the star who turned up High on Arrival has finally come back down to earth to stay. This was a very disturbing book and straight off the bat I would say that it's definitely not a book intended for younger readers It's graphic it's detailed and it's the life of a very tormented woman who surprisingly has been candid with her story much to the apparent chagrin of the rest of her estranged family I'm giving it 4 stars It was a book that I had trouble reading because of the disgusting details within and a book that I couldn't put down because of the heartwrenching life that was attempting to survive by detailing these experiences I can't go into a much descriptive dialogue without giving things away but I will say that I do hope that Mackenzie will stay clean for the remainder of her days 4 stars Worthy read for those who remember One Day at a Time who recall watching Ms Phillips unravel before the public eye kind of reminds me of our present day Lindsay Lohan except that I believe MP is far gifted If you enjoy reading about the psycho social aspects of drug addiction in children adolescents and adults and all that goes with those topics then this is a good book for you If you're a gentle soul who is easily disturbed by the often lurid details of drug addiction then you might not enjoy this book I was able to read it in one weekend

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Been on her way to a reunion of One Day at a Time the hugely popular ’70s sitcom on which she once starred as the lovable rebel Julie Cooper Born into rock and roll royalty flying in Learjets to the Virgin Islands at five making pot brownies with Donovan at eleven Mackenzie grew up in an all access kingdom of hippie freedom and heroin cool As a rising Hollywood star herself she joined the nonstop party in the hedonistic pleasure dome of her father’s maki. I just finished this book with tears in my eyes and a big Wow in my head Mackenzie Phillips life story is one of the bravest and most interesting memoirs I've ever had the honor to read Truly inspiring she is one amazing woman there is no poor little pitiful me anywhere in her book it's told with such amazing candor that it almost leaves me speechless I'm not sure how to word all this but I know I came away with a deeper understanding of addiction and even learned some things about myself while reading it I felt her struggles and her pain as I have felt them myself she put into words things that I cannot For that I thank her for sharing her story in the hopes that it will help others who struggle with addiction and ghosts from their past I HIGHLY recommend this memoir to everyone even those not interested in addiction I believe everyone could learn something from her story

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High on ArrivalMackenzie Phillips shares “a raw glimpse” Entertainment Weekly into her lifelong battle with personal demons and near fatal addictions and reveals the shattering truth behind her complex secretive and damaging history with her father the legendary John Phillips of The Mamas the PapasNot long before her fiftieth birthday Mackenzie Phillips made headlines with her arrest for drug possession at Los Angeles International Airport; the actor musician mother had. I have a mildly sick fascination with the Phillips family I read both Papa John and California Dreamin' back when they came out and it didn't take much to get me in line for Mac's book Not sure why I am not the age to be an original fan of either the Mamas and the Papas or One Day at A Time et al I guess I would lump this under my fascination with dysfunctional families particularly show biz ones So it would have taken willpower than I have not to dip into Mac's harrowing tale Maybe there is a 12 Step program for people like me who can't help themselves Do I need to pull out the I got it at the library excuse For the record I believe Mac's tale of woe There is no reason any sane person would make up these kinds of accusations and her depiction of John Phillips' god like entitlement makes perfect sense; he was a hedonist who thought he was above the lawBut for this reader who has already heard a lot about the family this story feels like a re tread It's also a re tread of numerous junkieaddict memoirs I have read They all start to run together after a while I usually spend time marveling at how the authors survive given that they're often out of their minds and behind the wheel of vehicles Then there is the amount of toxins they are ingesting Usually I'm just relieved they have found their way out of this netherworld If ever there were a strong anti drug argument it's stories like these No one would want to live through this