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The Best Laid Plans review ↠ 103 é Boundaries The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life However lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred Blame it on her out of control biological clock that is ignoring her single statusand on Ethan StoneBecause her sexy no strings colleague has posed an outrageous soluBoundaries The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life However lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred Blame it on her out of control biological clock th. Harleuin winner part deuxA winner and I really enjoyed it This one went by very uickly but it was also a satisfying and emotional read I found myself choked up towards the end and I'm usually a tough nut to crackThe story brieflyThe plot isn't too complex but the dynamics and characters are what make it special Basically career woman Alex decides she wants to have a baby and office ladykiller Ethan steps up to the plate and offers to be her sperm donor They have to navigate their mutual desires for how the arrangement would fall into place and they also are in heavy denial of the mutual attraction for each other that has developed over time between them They each want different things she's looking for the white picket fence and he's been burned so bad that he doesn't even want to try for the picket fence ever again or so they thinkThe characters The ticking biological clock theme is one that I usually avoid but the characters handled the vicissitudes of the theme very well and realistically Alex and Ethan felt real to me not just stereotypes of the Harleuin varietyThey're an older couple she's 38; he's 42 and there's a maturity to their thinking and interactions that is lacking in some of the other category romances that I've read I found these characters to be very well developed and fleshed out with both good and bad ualities coming into the mix based on their own life experiencesI thought this story also addressed the biological clock trope very well and unflinchingly It wasn't maudlin; it felt like how two very real people would react to such a situationThe romancesexytimesThe romance was nicely developed and it definitely helped that they had a previously established professional rapport The biological clock situation was the catalyst they each needed to spend time together and get to know each other outside of the officeprofessional setting There aren't many sexytimes scenes but there's pretty good romantic tension throughout the book as Ethan wrestles with himself and his need to be with a woman to whom he knows he cannot give what she wantsOverallBasically I really enjoyed this book and it was a great introduction to this much lauded Harleuin author Beyond the fact that she made a theme work for me that I don't typically read she also made a lawyer romance work too when I usually avoid those like the plague The story was emotionally realistic and actually had me choked up with tears at one point I didn't particularly like the ultimate catalyst at the climax that brought Ethan to his realization but I tolerated it in the end because it was clear to me that he was well on his way to that realization alreadyA uick funnie to lighten the mood

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Itment Okay so they're attracted to each other Really really attracted But crossing the line from coworker to co parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men After all when you've had the be. The Best Laid Plans is an amazing book Alex is a lawyer she is 38 years old and is very successful professionally when she runs into her ex boyfriend whom she lived with for 7 years her ex always said that he didn't want kids and that was the reason Alex ended the relationship after seeing how futile it was for her to hope that he would change but she runs into him and sees that he has a child that shocks her and when she goes to her doctor and learns that the chances of her getting pregnant are reducing she swings into action Alex loved her mother and looked after her after she was injured she has always dreamt of a familyEthan is another partner in her firmhe is a heart breaker and she plays racuetball with him She has a melt down in front of him and later when she is researching sperm banks Ethan finds out and tries to talk her out of it Ethan went through a brutal divorce that scarred him and he has no intention of getting married though he always wanted kids but he contents himself with his nephews but seeing how passionate Alex is about having kids he dreams again He suggests that he be the donor and they share custody and responsibility The book goes forward from there The book is well done we see the progression of their relationship from a professional one to a personal one It also shows that opting for a medical way of conceiving is not easy Very well done and realisticRating 45

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The Best Laid PlansAt is ignoring her single statusand on Ethan StoneBecause her sexy no strings colleague has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma he'll be her baby daddy This from the guy who avoids all comm. When I pick up a Sarah Mayberry book I know I’m going to be in for a major treat of very real characters and a deep story plot not found in too much in short novellas of today The Best Laid Plans is another winner by Mayberry that as a woman in now her mid twenties can understand about what it will be and means to woman to be a mother Not a mother myself I felt for the heroine Alex Knight as she wakes up one day to find that her time is ticking by to have a child Then her desperate race to have a child by other means instead of marriage she once dreamed of Along with Alex I learned about how laws in other counties and how they handle sperm donors and the such but mostly is was a journey for Alex and later Ethan about discovering something in themselves that pushed them beyond their past hurts and insecurities that truly made this book shined Ethan wasn’t your cookie cut out hero and I never expect Mayberry heroes will ever will be He had a lot of doubts but like Alex wanted to be a parent and both see a golden dream in this sperm donation both get what they want clean and simple Life though isn’t that way as they process into work buds friends and There was so much packed into this small book that I ate it up I enjoyed ever moment and could understand how and why both Alex and Ethan fell in love with one another They still have a few bumps in the road but by the end of the book you know both can and will overcome anything together