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Read Night and the City ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Harry Fabian is a ponce a Flash Harry in an expensive suit a cockney wide boy who adopts American tones and talks big yet will never make it to the top He operates in the Soho of the 1930s a metropolitan tangle of dodgy geezers prostitutes spivs and strong arm men Twice filmed Harry Fabian is a ponce a Flash Harry in an expensive suit a cockney wide boy who adopts American tones and talks big yet will never make it to the top He operates in the Soho. ”Every film he had ever seen and every book he had ever read rushed together in his brain to form one blazing and magnificent composite in which he Fabian fantastically enlarged fantastically dressed leaned backwards in a wild photomontage of champagne bubbles limousines diamonds galloping horses baize tables and beautiful women; all whirling and weaving in a deluge of white and yellow chips and large bank notes; an eternal reduplication of breasts and legs and every conceivable shape size and color That he said to himself is what I’m going to doPlunger Fabian the playboy who broke the bank at Monte Carlo Afterwards I can buy plenty dames” Richard Widmark plays Harry Fabian in the 1950 movieHarry Fabian is a small man but in his mind he is a colossus Lies flow from his lips in machine gun fashion He says he is an American songwriter but he is really an English ponce He says he is rolling in money but he is usually broke If not for the money his girlfriend Zoe is making on her back the illusions he spins about himself would collapse like a scarecrow without a pole to hang on Despite the ludicrous inconsistencies with most of the assertions he makes about his capabilities most people even those who know him reasonably well there is no knowing the real Harry Fabian because whoever that is is someone he doesn’t want to meet ride along with his fantasies He decides he is a wrestling promoter and comes up with just enough money through blackmail to float the idea into reality When he talks about the illusions inherent with professional wrestling he might just as well have been talking about the self deceptions and delusions of his own life ”These mugs go to wrestling the same as they go to the pictures They know it ain’t genuine They know the Black Strangler doesn’t really draw with Legs Mahogany just the same as they know Walter Pidgeon doesn’t really marry Greer Garson in the films Well they like to be fooled” How could people possibly believe he is an American songwriter Because they want to believe it They want to believe they have touched fameGerald Kersh writes in an aggressive relentless style I knew I had a tiger by the tail on page five when I read this paragraph ”There was a uality of savagery about his clothes hatred in the relentless grip of his collar malice in the vicious little knot of his tie defiant acuisitiveness in the skin tight fit of his coat his whole body snarled with vindictive triumph over the memory of many dead years of shabbiness” Harlan Ellison has stated that Kersh is his favorite writer When I read that years ago I can remember thinking I need to read a Kersh but then his books were out of print and difficult to find Fortunately Valancourt Books like they have for other lost writers is bringing many of his books back into print As I was reading this book I brought Kersh up with my author friends and most of them didn’t know who he was but one who did wrote back to me gleefully that he was glad I was finally joining the Kersh cult I could tell from his response that as he wrote to me he had a glint in his eye and a smile on his lips Isn't it wonderful to encounter people truly excited about an authorbook and who share that excitement with you And by doing so they increase your excitement and enjoyment of the reading experience as well Kersh published his first “novel” Jews Without Jehovah in 1934 It was promptly pulled from the shelves when members of his family sued him I put the word novel in parentheses on purpose because it seems Kersh did a poor job disguising the true identities of his characters “In the late 1930s Kersh said that his novels published to that date ‘haven't really been fiction at all’ and ‘contained an irreducible minimum of made up stuff’” He worked a variety of unusual jobs over his lifetime to keep bread on his table but also with the intent of having intriguing spellbinding experiences and meeting the irascible fascinating people who would become the characters who populated his novels The reason why Kersh’s novels resonate with the right kinds of readers is the authenticity of the dialogue and the genuineness of the plots I feel like I stepped into the pages of the book and didn’t even try to leave until I discovered whether Harry Fabian’s accumulation of lies was finally going to rise higher than his head and drown him The other characters in the book are also as fascinating as Fabian Joe Figler is another guy who maintains a fictitious financial view of himself To raise money to go in with Fabian on his wrestling promotion opportunity he buys products such as eggs or chairs or any number of things on extended credit and then he sells these products for less than what he owes for cash He has to take a loss to churn the uick turnover The hope is that he can keep enough money flowing that he can pay off enough of his debts to keep the whole scheme afloat Meanwhile he hopes the cash will return dividends than what he owes to all his creditors He has good credit with people around London and as long as he can keep juggling the balls he can keep the illusion of solvency alive He looks down his nose at Fabian but maybe that is because they are alike than he would ever want to admit There is also the substory of Helen and Adam who work in a nightclub designed to milk as much money out of the inebriated clientele as possible Adam is a sculptor and only intends to stay until he has enough money saved to take a year off to work on his art Helen is only going to work at the club until she finds a normal respectable job but they both become sucked into the easy money and their long term dreams are sidetracked by the short term gains Kersh explores a lot of dark aspects of human nature as we watch their relationship get torn apart by their avidity for money Can they remember their original dreams in time to escape the clutches of greed The retired wrestler Ali gives Adam some advice that rings in his ears ”Young man mark my words You listen to me if you’re looking for money first then by the time you get it you won’t be good for nothing else no Live Work Money Money is lousy Money is rotten Money is an illusion” Easy money is the destroyer of dreams unless money is all you dream of There were two movies made of Night and the City The first was in 1950 with Richard Widmark and the second was in 1992 with Robert DeNiro I hope to watch the 1950 version very soon From everything I’ve read it is a fantastic depiction of the characters that populate this novel as well as the streets of Kersh’s London Kersh died in 1968 at the tender age of 56 He’d been in poor health for a while before his death and he would probably be the first to tell people your health is worth to you than all the money in the world In this picture Gerald Kersh reminds me of a brooding vampireI do hope to see a resurgence of interest in Gerald Kersh’s novels His hardboiled impossible to ignore writing style is invigorating and uniue and I for one certainly need These old forgotten novels have a lot of life left in them They just need readers to brush the dust off them crack their pages and let them live in a new generation of minds Harry Fabian is a villain of the highest order and completely untrustworthy but I won’t ever forget him either Kersh has created a character who has lived on beyond him If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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Of the 1930s a metropolitan tangle of dodgy geezers prostitutes spivs and strong arm men Twice filmed Night and the City is a seminal low life novel which presents a vivid gl. “ The darknessseeped down between the street lamps poured into basements and lay deep and stagnant under the porches and the arches of the back streetsNight closed down upon the city”And here’s Harry Fabian a ponce on the prowl in “ the shifting frontier between the slough of small business and the uagmire of the underworld” Harry is a no hoper a fantasist who makes out that he’s a wide boy but isn’t Things are going to end badly for Harrybut that’s par for the course in Kersh’s shabby pre war London The book is full of nocturnal characters trying to make ends meet on the borderlines – club hostessing wrestling doing doubtful deals – each with their dreams but all of them losers If you like seedy then Kersh’s locales and their inhabitants are just the ticket There’s a wonderful description of the International Political Club which is a respectable backstreet establishment whose “ staid atmosphere was spoiled only by the face of the proprietress This woman had something about her that was indescribably terrifying Imagine the death mask of Julius Caesar plastered with rouge and stuck with a pair of eyes as small as flat and as bright as newly cut cross sections of38 calibre bulletsShe painted her lips bright carmine but had a habit of pressing them together so firmly that lipstick was smeared over the surrounding skin This made her look like a newly fed ghoul that had forgotten to wipe its mouth She never had much to say She was supposed to be a Russian Her name Scarcely credible Anna Siberia”And as the night wears on there’s worse Bagrag’s Club is well within the outer circles of hell “ It used to be a coal cellar Daylight has never penetrated to this place since it was built three hundred years ago Picture it now at two o’clock in the morningHalf exhausted people throw up spasms of febrile energy they rise in groups without purpose move round then sink back again like stirred up filth on the bottom of a pondgulping the wine of madness from uestionable glasses against a damp raddled background of gangrenous yellow distemper”Good stuff and when Kersh is on form he's very good indeed Night and the City has been called the epitome of London noir but it's not so easily pigeon holed It has a distinct voice and a distinct atmosphere that transcend any genre and are happily unclassifiable

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Night and the CityImpse of a lost London It also marks the return of a lost London author Gerald Kersh a maverick character whose life was as colourful as those of his most flamboyant creations. Night and the City is pretty amazing on different levels On one end I don't think its a great novel but as a portrait of a time place and a certain type of character its totally ace Written in 1938 and mostly taking place in Soho London it is a snapshot of a group of hustlers trying to stay above the water line of sorts The main character is Harry Fabian who for god knows should be a major iconic fiction figure But alas what we have here is a pimp who lives his life in a certain amount of fantasy No self control not that bright but at least he has the talent of a hustler but hustles in small steps instead of a larger plan And yes he does have a large plan of opening up a wrestling ringclub but he also a man of very little talentThe fun of the book is knowing that he will hit downward but how The big character in the book is West London and its citizens Along with Fabian we get Helen's road to ruin as well Phil Nosseross the British Pound counting nightclub boss Remarkable book and a remarkable new press London Books Classic