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Mobi ↠ Second Chances ´ Maria Savva D the present Feeling unloved his wife Pamela has left him leaving nothing but a brief note She has taken their two children How far will James go to save his marriage What can Pamela do to stop the past haunting her life Will it be enou Second Chances is a modern day novel set in LondonJames is a thirty something father with a successful career in a law firm a supportive wife and a nice house He has the life many people dream of Then everything changes when his wife leaves him and takes the couple's two children So caught up his own life James did not see it comingWhile Second Chances is a fictional look at what might happen to anyone if they neglect to appreciate what they have while they have it it is an accurate portrayal of the real life difficulties and stresses placed on working individuals struggling to balance it all If James wants his family back he will have to accept his failures make sacrifices and significant changes to his life Can he convince Pamela he still loves her After years of neglect will she even want to listen First he has to follow her all the way to Australia Once he gets there he must deal with the secrets he discoversWhat James does not know is that Pamela has not just left because she is unhappy with the marriage Something in her past has haunted her for too long something she feels she must now faceWith James and Pamela the author depicts how cracks in a marriage appear and widen to where couples together for so long may not really know each other that well at all Each misunderstands the other and acts upon those misunderstandings showing their insecurities and vulnerabilities Doing what each believes is right may have made things much worse This is what happens when couples don't talk and the author taps into this brilliantly This human failing makes her characters deeper and believableSecond Chances is a well written and realistic account of one family's struggle to survive overcome their odds and stay together

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Doc ↠ Second Chances Download ↠ Maria savva æ Set in London in the noughties sometime after the smoking ban and before the great 21st century recession James has always believed in happy ever after and he plans to get there one day He is doing okay At the age of thirty three he has a top job dream house two healthy ch Set in London in the noughties sometime after the smoking ban and before the great 21st century recession James has always believed in happy ever after and he plans to get there one day He is doing okay At the age of thirty three he has The novel Second Chances by Maria Savva is a journey across continents that gives the reader a birds eye view into the conseuences within relationships of keeping secrets and the continuation of dysfunctional communication patterns It is not uncommon for partners within marriages to withhold the truth with a catastrophic outcome for both people The spouses in Second Chances are the epitome of this dynamic and luckily for them after much agony are able to piece together the jigsaw of their mistakes before it’s too lateThe two main characters James and Pamela are locked into the pattern of resentment that builds when both husband and wife get used to their lack of tolerance and empathy for what the other goes through in daily life James is locked into a pattern of workaholism believing it is the role as a husband to provide for his family without uestion However in the process of his daily grind he ignores the needs of his wife and children without those tender moments and nurturing they have been missing for a long while In contrast Pamela is caring for the needs of both her husband and children as the resentment within her builds to a crescendo and she has had enough of being ignored by James After another argument about the failings in the marriage and reaching her last straw Pamela reaches the conclusion that the marriage is over and runs away with the children—leaving only a note in her wakeBut this is only a small portion of the plot in Second Chances and only the first in a string of secrets that are carefully unveiled in this alluring novel From start to finish the reader is engrossed in the next chapter of secrets and missteps At each turn and each seuence in the plot the lack of communication and honest conversation leads to another misunderstanding Throughout the latter part of the book the reader could become frustrated with the characters as they continue to miss each other both verbally and physically The main reason is not so much in the writing but sheer frustration with the two partners For people who deeply love each other it seems that they cannot resolve who is where and for what purpose—as they continue to be unable to talk freely without game playingThere is another darker secret that exists from Pamela’s past a web of deceit from years ago that involves many keepers of the secret who have remained mum for what appears to be eons The resolution of this book is an interesting one that is uite unexpected and holds the interest of the reader I would highly recommend this book for anyone who appreciates the positives as well as the failings and frailties of relationships

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Second ChancesA top job dream house two healthy children and a wife who always stands by him These things James can rely on until one day when everything changes and he realises that he has spent so long looking towards the future that he has neglecte My third novelI love it of course I hope you will too