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review Á Delinquent Daddy (Banks / Kincaid Family, #2) è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ Contemporary Adult Mainstream RomanceIT'S NOT EVERY DAY YOU LEARN YOU HAVE A NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTERBoston Kincaid's life is forever changed when he reads the note from Cassidy Trenton who's lookiEmistry between them flares back to life but trust doesn't come easily and old wounds never healed properly Can Boston and Ellie learn to forgive and forget so they can experience the love they never shared or will child custody battles keep them apart foreve. I really enjoyed this book it was a very well done second chance at love story and I loved the fact that we get to go back in time and see the start of the relationship and even the end of it Most of all what worked for me was that the author could convincingly show that the hero Boston had matured from the 22 year old selfish jerk he had beenWhen the book opens it is raining and the hero is remembering the best sex of his life which happened nearly a decade ago with the heroine in the rain so he is surprised when he goes to his brother's and finds him reading a letter that he got from an almost ten year old calling him his father When he looks at the letter the mother's name jumps at him it is Ellie's and the girl's name is what they discussed keeping for their child and Boston is hit with the fact that it is possible Ellie did not have a mis carriageSo in a daze he goes to the address the letter mentions learns from the neighbour that Ellie does live there and then he sees her She looks almost the same and is still sexy Her reaction to his presence is not happy she seems shocked almost panicked but invites him in and Boston gets to the point and asks her did she lie Ellie seeing no choice admits that she didFor Ellie her daughter Cassie is her whole life Ellie herself lost her parents at a young age and was raised by an aunt that wasn't always there so she was determined that her daughter wouldn't want for anything and she has succeeded but she soon realizes that the few uestions she answered to assuage her daughter's curiosity about her father has led Boston back into her life and she isn't happy she fears losing her daughterEllie had reasons for lying to Boston There was a time she adored him and would have done anything for him and forgiven him for almost anything but now she doesn't care She gave him his heart and virginity but he didn't give her anything instead he treated her like a dirty secret never telling his family about her because he was ashamed of her humble roots and never telling her that their relationship carried an expiry datewhen he left for law school From what she knew he cheated on herview spoiler she learns later that he really didn't he was at a party and realized that he was too much into her so he went home with a girl kissed her took off her shirt but that is it he couldn't do anything else because he realized she wasn't Ellie hide spoiler

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Compelled to learn the truth about Cassidy's paternitySingle working mother Ellie Trenton is completely bowled over to find her old college flame whom she hasn't seen in ten years loitering on her front porch when she comes home from work one day That old ch. I must say I liked this one Kinda reminded me of the old Mills and Boon I read in yonder years Too young misunderstandings deceit I know I have read a few books like this where the Hero doesn’t realize he has a child The Hero was a bit of an ass in the flashbacks to College life but he does redeem himself

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Delinquent Daddy Banks Kincaid Family #2Contemporary Adult Mainstream RomanceIT'S NOT EVERY DAY YOU LEARN YOU HAVE A NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTERBoston Kincaid's life is forever changed when he reads the note from Cassidy Trenton who's looking for her daddy Vividly remembering the girl's mother Boston is. very unpleasant and immoral HeroNot only that he kept the heroine a dirty secret from shamejust because she was poor just spoke BIG VOLUME about his poor one minded selfish and judgmental characteris that suppose to make me like him as a person Then add to that he treated her like insignificant dirty garbage just for his shallow selfish purposehis sexual play when it suited himand when she got pregnant and confronted him his reaction was one that could only be described as complete and utter cowardliness and ultimate degradation for another human beingto treat a defenceless and innocent girl that gave her innocence to him like a bug and throw away like trash is a VERY WRONG MESSAGE TO READERS He gritted his teeth his nostrils flaring You lying little—Ellie's mouth fell open What I The grip he had on her wrist which was only tightening had her grabbing his shoulder StopHe blinked at his hold and let go abruptly enough that she fell back He looked so shocked he'd actually hurt her he could only gape for a moment But he shook his head his face turning an angry redYou would stop at nothing wouldn't you he growled “Well let me warn you now Ellie Trying to get me back by faking a pregnancy is a real bad ideaEllie gaped and stuttered Wha wha what How could he actually think she was lyingHe looked away and snorted You make me sick”Another strike “Did you do it on purposeShe fell to a stop and tilted her head Do whatDon't act innocent Ellie he growled Did you get pregnant on purposeHer lips parted emitting a disbelieving puff of air Why would I purposely get pregnantOh get real he snarled You come from a rundown trailer park in Nowhere Tennessee While he came from money and security neither of them had to add You probably thought you'd struck it big time when I fell into your lapFor a full ten seconds Ellie was too stunned to speak She couldn't believe his crudity couldn't believe he would think of her this way”Is that an ideal hero we want to idolize in romance books An individual that by being wealthy it gives him the licence to judge people by their social status and because they are poor they don't deserved to be treated with respect and dignity So they have to be put in that category of the lower human beings and so it gives him the right to treat them without eual respect So it is perfectly moral for him to be selfish and put his needs above the other without considering the other person's significance and worthiness What gave him the right to judge her by keeping her daughter a secret from him Was not he the one judging her by her status Was not he the one putting her in that box category that was considered lower than him so he could justify his disregard and disrespect Was he not the one accusing her for sticking just for money so she could use him Was he not the one that did not cared enough for a life he so carelessly and indifferently created Was he not the one wanting to fulfill ONLY HIS OWN MATERIALISTIC NEEDS having no regard for the heroine's needs in the process How selfish and immoral is that How come this man can be called a Hero “Well for starters I don’t want to be sitting here picking out baby names I don’t want to be seven months from becoming a father I don’t want to tell my parents I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life I don’t want to miss my first semester at Yale”In my humble opinion a Hero is a person that stands up to his mistakes regardless of the circumstances he embraces his strength as a man growing to learn his maturity in his choices he's making a man that shows no weakness even though the circumstances are beyond his experience a man that those not hide a woman he committed too for the shame of her just because he let social differences confine his character and put a judge on his perceptions on another human being A hero is a man that is man enough to act on it and take responsibility for his actions and never denied his child for his own selfish purposes to satisfy his materialistic and superficial needsI am also uite shocked that this author could used a plot device against the victima heroine that is a mother who have been treated wrongly and used her motherly bond with her child against her To use a child against her motherand turn that child's love in to hate for her own mother is just a step too far I am sick of authors practicing a plot device that involves hate of a child to a mother that was non other than caring protective and loving For what To say that it is an OK BEHAVIOR Is that how children should treat their mothers