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kindle Ñ Queen of Hearts Ð Hardcover ✓ Coming of age in a hospital bed—a deeply affecting portrait of a teen's journey through a TB sanatorium in the 1940sOn the prairies of Canada during World War II a girl and her two young siblings begin a war of their own Stricken with tuberculosis they are admitted to a nearby sanatorium Others But in this moving novel about fighting a way back to normal life it is the thing that sets back Marie Claire the most the demise of her little brother that also connects her with the person who will be instrumental in helping her recover I picked up this Young Adult novel because right now I'm interested in tuberculosis sanatoriums These buildings often huge creepy isolated structures with large wrought iron balconies still dot the landscape Less than one hundred years ago many people spent months to years of their lives in these isolated communities chasing the cure since no medicine had yet been discovered until end of WWII Tuberculosis patients were separated from their families and forced to rest until hopefully the lesions in their lungs diagnosed by x ray disappeared The author of this book grew up on the grounds of a sanatorium in Winnipeg Canada and obviously turned that experience into this novel The writing wasn't notable neither particularly good or particularly bad I wasn't crazy about the main character though at least she and her relationship to roommate Signy are interesting However I enjoyed the novel for its novelty ha it's interesting to hear about the sanatorium culture and to consider what it would be like to be a teenager there dealing with regular teen relationship issues parents siblings friends romance alongside a bizarre life and death fight fought lying stillI didn't understand the ending

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Is they are admitted to a nearby sanatorium Teenager Marie Claire is headstrong angry and full of stubborn pride In a new strange land of TB exiles she must chase the cure seek privacy where there is none and witness the slow wasting decline of Surely movie previews are one of the most heinous inventions ever Book reviews in a newspaper magazine or online are better because they appear in print; and one has control over print I can read the first bit and the last bit to get a sense of what the reviewer thinks about it But I like to experience the film or book as it was constructed by the maker not have bits presented that someone else selects for meI mention previews because I just finished reading Martha Brooks’ ueen of Hearts and had completed reading R J Palacio’s Wonder as my immediately previous children’sYA literature novel Of course you have to be brain deadreclusive not to know beforehand what topic you’re in for with Wonder but I had no clue prior to Marie Claire’s being hospitalized in ueen of Hearts that this would be another kid with megaproblem book so imagine my surprise as I realized I was reading two such books back to back And the I read of oH the I was struck by the differences in which the two approached their characters’ situationsWhen I finished Wonder I was asked what I thought of it Okay; pretty good; topic was certainly interestingcan’t find it anywhere else in children’s literature Now how many Goodreads stars should I give it? Settled on 4 I was informed since I was unaware that it was getting rave reviews all over the place Hmm Maybe I missed something Even got a Goodreads comment asking “You didn’t find it successful? Do tell”Now that I have finished oH—and have talked to the brain trust in the family who really knows children’s literature and just finished Wonder herself—I think I understand clearly why Wonder didn’t much grab me Too much messaging that ended up making it come across as too didactic for my taste I had a very different experience with oH A protagonist who is conflicted—and doesn’t always do the right thing and isn’t always kind or thinking of others A not neatly tied up ending which someone on Goodreads suggested is an excuse for a seuel—but I think not and hope not That’s not to say that oH is a great novel But in the end I found it satisfying than Wonder and had to ponder why given the praise for Wonder Guess I better reconsider the latter as 3 stars

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Queen of Hearts Coming of age in a hospital bed a deeply affecting portrait of a teen's journey through a TB sanatorium in the 1940sOn the prairies of Canada during World War II a girl and her two young siblings begin a war of their own Stricken with tuberculos ueen of Hearts is an engaging YA novel set for the most part inside a tuberculosis sanatorium in Manitoba Canada during the years 1940 1941 Marie Claire Côté 15 lives on a small farm across a valley from the Pembina Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium The close proximity of the San makes everyone in the community very aware of this highly contagious disease But so far the Côté family have all been lucky enough not to have had TB touch their world Their luck changes however one cold spring evening in 1940 when Oncle Gérard returns to the farm Gérard only 25 has been riding the railroads for years a happy go lucky vagabond Then in the fall of 1940 Gérard is diagnosed with TB At first he remains at home but when a place opens at the San he is taken there where he dies in February 1941But it doesn’t take long for symptoms of TB to start appear in the Côté children First in 11 year old Luc then in Marie Claire and finally in the youngest Josée 5 In December 1941 all three of the children are diagnosed and immediately admitted to the San Angry and resentful Marie Claire doesn’t adjust well to San life – the food the routines even the constant cheerful friendliness of her very sick roommate Signy Though not a willing patient Marie Claire does begin to adjust to the idea that she must change her attitude in order to help herself This attitude change is bolster by the loss of her brother and the recovery of little Josée After a while she even begins to slowly accept Signy’s offer of friendship and manages finds a boyfriend in the SanThe relationship between Marie Claire and Signy is always strained and through it Brooks brings out an interesting phenomenon that often occurs when someone is faced with the possibility of a friend’s illness being terminal – avoiding them despite their genuinely good intentions This happens a couple times in ueen of Hearts Signy’s former roommate Louise is a good example Louise had been moved to a cottage as she improved but with promises of coming back to visit The visit doesn’t happen until the day the now healthy Louise is leaving that San “I always meant to come back and see you It’s hard you know tosee people I mean after you’re getting better and they’re” pg 104 Who knows why this happens – survivor guilt? Fear of getting sick again? Fear of death? It could be anything It is just not something that is addressed in YA novels about illness very often but maybe it should be I was very interested in this book since my dear friend and neighbor George Cassa who passed away suddenly this spring once told me about his own personal experience as a teenage TB patient in an upstate New York sanatorium also during World War II His experience mirrors much of was is described in ueen of Hearts adding to the realistic feeling in the novelBrooks who grew up living in a Canadian sanatorium where her father was the medical superintendent is very familiar with the confined often boring lonely life of a TB patient Her descriptions of the tedious daily routines that Marie Claire experiences as she “chases the cure” a rather ironic image given that TB patients are confined to a bed for a good part of their treatment imparts a true sense of authenticity in the novel ueen of Hearts is a poignant compelling coming of age story which will captivate the reader from beginning to end as Marie Claire wages her own personal life and death war against TB in the isolated world of the San far from the battlefields of WW II This book is recommended for readers age 12 and upThis book was borrowed from the Webster Branch of the NYPL