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Review कामसूत्र

कामसूत्र Review ¶ 2 ì Sir Richard F Burton’s translation of The Kama Sutra remains one of the best English interpretations of this early Indian treatise on politics social customs love and intimacy Its crisp style set a new standard for Sanskrit translation The Kama Sutra stands uniuely as a work of psychology sociology Hindu dIts crisp style set a new standard for Sanskrit translation The Kama Sutra stands uniuely as a work of psychology sociology Hindu dogma and sexology It has been a celebrated clas. Coming from a strong background in philosophy and the Classics I found this book to be an invigorating read In general nobody has any idea what Kama Sutra means what the books is or what the author intended it to be Simply put dispel yourself of any preconceived notions before you read even the first paragraph of this opus or my reviewI was consistently intrigued by the exotic perspective and expansive scope of the Kama Sutra In a sentence the book is an exposition of the author's personal experience of and his well read study of carnal enjoyment I found this perspective to be particularly interesting because you must set the narrative within the context of a highly stratified caste society with little to no socialeconomicspiritualpolitical mobility This book forced me to recognize that this society elevated at least theoretically carnal pleasure to a spiritual and cultural pseudo science whereby these stratifications may be bent re interpreted and to use a word in its literal sense humanized Do not underestimate the empirical and scientific level at which the author has applied his mind I am certain that Aristotle or Auinas would have been enraptured Surprisingly to me the scope of the Kama Sutra did not extend to other aspects of carnal pleasure to include among other things the culinary sciences Perhaps this is because the arts of cooking and the enjoyment of taste were not within the purview of the audience of the Kama Sutra Speaking of Aristotle and the Greeks the Kama Sutra contains an interesting comparative comment on the nature of prostitutes and their differing capacities in the Indian and Greek worlds In the method of pre Industrial revolution works the author enjoys scientific proofs of his arguments by natural analogy For example the author supports his conclusions on that natural behaviors of mankind by analogies to his empirical observations of nature and animal life This method of course will be immediately recognizable to any student of philosophyThe books follows a logical plan which comprises of small treatises regarding specific aspects of the topic including the opinions of previous scholars and the author's agreement or disagreement with them The work starts with an exhortation to the study of Kama its benefits and its general nature The book also includes treatises on the nature of man and woman the nature of desire the nature of union both carnal and spiritual the nature of a wife and the most unusual part in my opinion the nature of the prostitute Unfortunately a collection of only a handful of the thousand of verses of this work has received notice and attention by the modern world namely the verses which describe the 64 arts of Kama ranging from cooing and biting to sexual positions and the appropriate setting for such sexual union I do not understand why people believe that they will discover some sexual awakening from a book whose focus is spiritual and philosophical in nature; if you are looking for this there are obviously available sources of this informationI conclude my review with a longing that the many works and authors which are cited in this book are unavailable and lost as far as I can tell The book is a good foothold in Hindu culture and philosophy and has encoura

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Sic of Indian literature for 1700 years and a window for the West into the culture and mysticism of the EastThis Modern Library Paperback Classic reprints the authoritative text. admittedly i did not read cover to cover but i read enough to get a good sense i was surprised to discover that much of it read like emily post's book of etiuette but for subjects such as kissing scratching and biting as in love play how to behave toward the first wife if you are the second wife personal adornment and lying with courtesans

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कामसूत्रSir Richard F Burton’s translation of The Kama Sutra remains one of the best English interpretations of this early Indian treatise on politics social customs love and intimacy. before biff and chip before the alphabet books this is the first book i ever read i remember well being read this book as i nodded off to sleep and the pleasant dreams that would follow as afour year old this book meant a lot to me it completely shaped my views on literature and what a book meant to people at age 8 i killed a man that has nothing to do with this book just thought i'd mention it anyway without this book i would never have got that job as a basketball player for the detroit pistons no homothis book is about the human condition and what it means to be a working class youth in 16th century london this is why this book appealed to me so it can speak to people on all walks of life no homoi killed a man once but anywaythis book started the second world war i have no evidence for this yet still i believe it but anyway this book is awesome my favourite part is when the nasty old witch realises we're all the same in the end and we are all born eual then she bones the elevator attendant no homoanyway i killed a man but yeah this book changed my life after reading this at the age of 213 i realised life was not a game that we must make each day as important as the last and that pandas are spies for Belgium no homothis book taught me about how a robot works now i will apply to robot wars and design a robot that can kill all others maybe even one day rule the world it sounds silly bu this book truly filled me with hope which is what a book should not do honestly this book is a bad influence on everyone that reads it i let a person live once homodid you ever go to sea world it was about several sexual positions and how keith chegwin ruled monday night television he didn't but he wished he did no homoanyway this book was written long ago which is cool cos a lot of things happen long ago eg trousers the beubonic plague hitler TISWAS the list goes on i think people should read this book so that everyone understands the true meaning of christmas no santaas a toddler this book scared me i didn't understand but now the end no homoso yeah this book taught me how to walk you wouldn't believe it but its true this book is all about walking places it just got a bad rep for being about the murder of alsations but no it is about how to walk so please read this book and die homofrom the reviewer of this book Salmand Rushdie