SUMMARY ↠ One Year Gone (Supernatural #7)

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SUMMARY ↠ One Year Gone (Supernatural, #7) ✓ Dean believes that Sam is in Hell so he is trying to keep his promise to his brother and live a normal live with Lisa and Ben When he realizes that a spell in the Necronomicon could raise Lucifer and therefore Sam he convinces his new family to travel with him on vacation to Salem  MeanwhiNecronomicon could raise Lucifer and therefore Sam he convinces his new family to travel with him on vacation to Salem  Meanwhile Sam is not as far away as Dean t. Can’t say I was impressed with this one It started off okay but went way off the rails Dean didn’t uite feel right and Soulless Sam while accurate was hard to read Still love the tie ins but this one was a miss for me

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Hinks and is determined to protect his brother from the Salem witchesA Supernatural novel that reveals the untold events of the missing year between seasons 5 and. MWUAHAHAHA IT'S MINE ALL MINE Well the library's BUT MINE TEMPORARILY The lost year The most tragic year there ever was Well sort of ish not exactly BUT STILL UITE HEARTBREAKING LaterOkay well That was a disappointment I've read far far better fanfic Plus I'm not sure anyone goes into an SPN novel about the MISSING YEAR no less wanting to know anything about Campbell ancestors I skipped over those portions because I just wanted Sam and Dean angst But since Sam and Dean aren't allowed to meet there's not really much to it The DeanBen relationship earned it its two stars In the end though I didn't care enough to check it back out from the library once it was due


One Year Gone Supernatural #7Dean believes that Sam is in Hell so he is trying to keep his promise to his brother and live a normal live with Lisa and Ben When he realizes that a spell in the. A longer review is coming when I'm on my computer All I can say right now is thank gods that's overLaterTo be absolutely honest the only reason I finished this book is because I paid for it and it took me over three months to get through it If it had been fanfic I came across on the web I would have stopped reading it right after Dean came up with the bright idea to raise Sam from Hell using the Necronomicon You know that book mentioned by HP Lovecraft the guy that Dean knew nothing about in aired canon That might have been excused if there had been some reference to him hearing about it in some of the OTHER media that refer to the book but there wasn't oneNow keep in mind I could be judging the author a little harshly because of the glowing forward written by Kripke show creator where he goes on about how much she knows about the show However considering that show facts like Sam's birthday MAY not March are not the only thing she gets wrong I'm not all that sure I'm off base hereFirst there's the anachronisms I sincerely doubt the colonists in Salem MA would have been using the meter as a unit of measurement Flintlock pistols reuire a bit to fire than just picking one up pointing and pulling the trigger And firing a two handed barrage and a jammed gun mean entirely different things with flintlocks than they do with modern pistols Ben's jammed gun would have probably blown his fingers off at best and uite likely done much worseSecond the writing is amateurish and flat There's really nothing to connect you to the characters to make you really worry about them or empathize with how they're supposed to be feeling Lots of 'Dean did this then he did this then blah blah blah' In addition some additional characters are handled so badly that they're flimsier than cardboard cut outs and what should have at least been a slightly emotional scene at the end is blown off in about two paragraphsThird the author honestly seems to be interested in writing historical accounts of other members of the Campbell family than she is in writing a real Supernatural book This is the second tie in novel of hers where effort has been spent writing about the Campbells in the past and this one had an even higher percentage of it than the last one did If that's what she wants to write that's what she should write She's not doing herself a favour trying to write Sam and Dean if she can't get their voices or characterization rightAnd that's the thing that bothered me the most and that I've saved for last I'm okay with soullessSam waterboarding a witch for information It's something he would have done and since the boys weren't fans of witches when he HAD a soul I can see it Though I honestly want to know how tiny this woman was if he could drag two chairs into the bathroom of a hotel at the same time with her TIED TO ONE OF THEM Really I know Sam is abnormally tall and strong but really But still not the worst thing That I reserve for her treatment of Dean I can't really remember one sentence in the book where I actually felt like he was hurting because Sam is gone or truly worried about Lise and Ben and although showDean tries to hide his emotions he feels them very deeply This wasn't evident at all And there is no way that someone who takes the risks he takes to protect the innocent would blow up a storefront using C4 as a distraction Even if he COULD get some from Bobby and even if he had some reason to bring it along on his 'get the Necronomicon to raise Sam from Hell vacation'