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Free download ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¶ David Peace Overachieving and eccentric football manager Brian Clough was on his way to take over at the country's most successful and most reviled football club L. A remarkable piece of historical literature that just so happens to be centred in the world of English footballDavid Peace is clearly an exceptionally talented writer of semi noir stories His Red Riding uartet being the darkest bleakest deepest black that the modern take on the genre gets And on the face of it a fictional tale of a high profile sports personality from 1970s England doesn't automatically lead you in that direction His portrait of Brian Clough however ticks the majority of the boxes reuired of a noir protagonist and it is this portrait that lifts this novel head and shoulders above all other books about football and perhaps even as The Times said in its review every novel ever written about sportForty four days in the life of a disturbed genius Forty four chapters of self loathing and doubt interspersed with examples of his brilliance and an almost biographical look at how it was that Brian Clough came to be in the position he found himself in It plays out with a sense of inevitability the kind of relentless and futile struggle that you might find in such classic B movie noirs as Detour and the kind of psychological study of human nature that wouldn't be out of place next to the great names of 20th century literature like Graham Greene perhapsPeace really finds Clough amongst these words contrasting his speech patterns with his inner monologue to enhance the troubled genius aspect of him a constant repetition of words and phrases highlighting the driven nature of the man and again this skill is what marks Peace out as the award winning talent that he isWhilst this is a fictional tale it is based on fact and extensive research it becomes easy to villify the designated bad guys thanks in no small part to the talent of the author; and it is this that got both him and his publisher in to legal trouble after publication After losing a libel case certain sections were removed from editions published after 2008 I was very happy to find myself in posession of a 2007 printing and read with great interest keen to discover what exactly was no longer deemed suitable for publication I must say I thought it a bit soft Johnny Giles really doesn't come off too badly especially not when compared to the conflicted drunken genius of the main characterThe movie adaptation was also very good but to my surprise on reading the novel painted Clough in a much friendlier light Whilst I enjoyed the movie it didn't really give you an insight in to the inner workings of the man and only really touched on the turmoil of his mind when compared to this book Both are excellent on their own meritsThis was a very easy read addictive to the point where I have put off all other activities where possible today to allow myself the pure pleasure of reading this novel without interruption Highly recommended for fans of powerful character studies as well as all those football fans impatiently waiting for the new season to start

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Summary Å The Damned Utd ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ã Overachieving and eccentric football manager Brian Clough was on his way to take over at the country's most successful and most reviled football club Leeds United home to a generation of fiercely competitive but ageing players The battle he'd face there would make Extraordinarily inventive novel tells the story of a world characterised by fear of failure and hunger for success set in the bleak heart of the 1970s. I am writing this two years after I actually read this book The reason I remembered this book is nothing than Leicester's glorious rise to the top this season which has been nothing less than a fairy taleWell Derby's rise was nothing less than a fairy tale either only made possible by the genius of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor They took a team hanging by the threads struggling at the bottom of the second division to the top of the first division Why Because of Clough's obsession with Don Revie of courseThis book explores Clough's inner demons his rise to glory his obsession with Revie and Leeds United and his subseuent failure as Revie's successor at Leeds The plot is nothing short of a top notch drama novel in itself Clough did go on later to win double European Cup with Nottingham Forest now Champions League but that is another storyGo take a read to experience of one the greatest sports stories ever told Or just watch the movie really Its great in itself with a spectacular performance by Michael Sheen

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The Damned UtdEeds United home to a generation of fiercely competitive but ageing players The battle he'd face there would make or break the club or himDavid Peace's. That the story would read as brilliant as it is to a stubbornly romantic football fan like me was expected That Peace's writing would go all the way down a dark haunting decadent poetic road with such elegance and soul such music was not Apparently Brian Clough was an impossible person He was arrogant and he was angered He wouldn't take criticism He was vengeful and bitter Perhaps unforgiving Definitely annoyingAnd he was isolated isolated isolated It nevertheless didn't feel like he was alone The Damned Utd effectively avoids the cliché of yet one novel about withdrawal and how we fill our misery Brian Clough didn't need to fill his misery because his faulted heroic nature was shadowed by his ambition It’s in almost every page of this book that you can feel the demons in his mind being threatened by his obsession to excel It didn't always work but when it did another page of glory was added to the history of the sport Engaging Brian Clough with empathy was probably a challenge back in the day But this book isn't trying to make you like Clough anyway because it doesn't need to Brian Clough’s character is larger than the book itself Constantly flirting with self destruction he is determined to give rise to his own legend With memories of his successful years at Derby County he is set to exorcise the dark legacy of his predecessor at Leeds United football club Don Revie Nice and clean Through work and painful honesty No blue suits No dossiers No bingo and no bowls No ritual walks around the traffic lights or lucky routes to this bench in the dug out No envelopes full of cash No gamesmanship or cheating – Just football Just football Only this book isn't about just football Because Brian Clough doesn't believe in God But he does believes in doubt He does believe in fear Because David Peace winked to the 60s and the 70s with style and made it so