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Angelology summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ “Bir kez Asi Melekler’in büyüleyici dünyasına girdiniz mi diyeceksiniz ki ‘Vampirler mi Vampirler kimin umurunda’’’PeopleEvangeline 12 yaşındayken annesi öldü babası onu New York’ta Azize Rose manastırına bıraktı Şimdi 23 yaşında yeminine sadık bir rahibe“Bir kez Asi Melekler’in büyüleyici dünyasına girdiniz mi diyeceksiniz ki ‘Vampirler mi Vampirler kimin umurunda’’’PeopleEvangeline 12 yaşındayken annesi öldü babası onu New York’ta Azize Rose manastırına bıraktı Şimdi 23 yaşında yeminine sadık bir rahibe Dünyada en nadide melek resimlerinin ve “melekbilim” konusundaki en zengin kitap koleksiyonunun bulunduğu kütüphaneden sorumluRockefeller ailesinin sanat etkinliklerini zengin ve tuhaf bir adam olan Percival Grigori adına araştıran sanat tarihçisi Verlaine’d. Honestly if I could give it 35 stars I would Since I can't I'm rounding up as a gesture towards giving the author the benefit of the doubt expecting that the next book will be betterAngelology is a mixed bag Personally I find angel lore and other mythologies fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of Judeo Christian and Greek myth Talmudic scholarship and discussion of the Book of Enoch a personal favorite The subject of the Nephilim has intrigued me since I first read Madeline L'Engle as a kid So A on an interesting new take on very intriguing subject matterI understand this is the Ms Trussoni's first novel her first book being a solidly non fiction memoir I believe that this is apparent in her writing style Frankly I found the narrative voice to be rather dry for a work of fiction especially one of the fantastic variety but perfectly in keeping however with the expected tone of a diarist It is also uite telling that the most compelling part of the book was the section detailing the personal memories of a young woman's life and education in WWII era France It was written in the first person and the character Celestine was by far the most well developed and most distinctive voice in the entire novel Clearly Ms Trussoni is comfortable at least at the moment with this style of narration The other characters in the book suffered somewhat from a lack of differentiation of voice; they all ran together and read uite similarly from evil Nephilim to nuns to aged angelologists This was something of an unfortunate impediment when trying to identify with the various characters and I hope that further work in fiction will help Ms Trussoni better develop individual character voiceThe author is however uite skilled in description and her world was very easy to visualize often vividly so Unfortunately her adeptness in this area overbalanced her lesser abilities in characterization and resulted in large sections of the book feeling overly expository which was surprising because the book had some truly exciting action bitsDespite the book's flaws however Ms Trussoni really did succeed in drawing me in particularly after the aforementioned very engaging second section of the book and left me looking forward to the next novel in the series She is clearly a skilled and talented author and I expect that she will uickly develop better fictional narrative skills While I don't believe the book is uite worth the hype it is still well worth reading

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En gelen mektup Evangeline’in hayatını kökünden değiştirecektir Verlaine ve Evangeline Tanrı’nın lanetine uğramış asi meleklerin soyundan olan Nefiller ile Melekbilimciler arasında yüzlerce yıldır süren kanlı bir savaşa katılmak zorunda kalacaklar Bulgaristan’da bin yıl önce bir melek cesedinin bulunduğu gizemli Rodop Dağları’ndan Paris’teki Montparnasse mezarlığına kadar pek çok cephede sürmektedir bu savaş“Asi Melekler düşmüş eski melekleri modern dünyaya salıveriyor ve sonuç yıkıcı Trussoni dikkatin. I am so glad I found this on audiobook at the library It turned out to be a very good medium for this story I have to say that for a slow starter I really got drawn into this book and when it ended I had separation anxietyTwo things kept me from giving this a five star rating1 The slow meandering start I was initially thinking uh oh this might turn out to be a real snoozer Boy was I wrong2 The ending was a cliffie that really got my blood pressure up I didn't like the way this novel concluded at all I hate feeling like I'm being manipulated to read the next book in a series and it felt that way I'd rather read a book series that has books that begin and conclude in a natural way Some resolution but threads that encourage me to pick up the next book That was so not the case here I would have kept reading anyway but now I feel like my arm is being twisted to read the next bookThings I loved about this book1 The scholarly tone wouldn't work for everyone but since I am a bookworm nerd who likes to research topics that are of interest I could really get into the angelologists and their penchant for delving deeply into subjects in their field And their subject knowledgeWow Most of the main characters were in one way or another scholars or people who really knew their stuff They spent their lives reading and immersing themselves in the past That spoke to me 2 I loved the epistolary format a significant portion of the book written as parts of journal entries and book excerpts It was executed very well One would think that this would make the book dry but it didn’t3 The narrator was fantastic She did a gorgeous French accent and believe me most of the book is in various French viewpoints and she made each of the characters sound very different With the male viewpoints her voice was lower and conveyed a male speaking She really brought them to life and brought a vivid image of the story to life and I could get an idea of what each character was like based on the way she spoke their parts4 Ms Trussoni gets the duality of angels They are so beautiful they are irresistible but there are so powerful and dangerous that one never truly forgets or shouldn’t to their regret their celestial nature so far above humans And then there are the nephilim Oh my goodness They were so evil I had hopes that creatures of a once divine origin so beautiful to look at would have some goodness inside Not at all I was continually surprised at how sinister and even corrupt they were They thought absolutely nothing about humans or God or their celestial origins They were all about obtaining and keeping power on earth5 Angelology itself as the focus of this book Who knew Wow It’s than just being an angel scholar It’s your life and there is no sacrifice too great as I learned as I read It’s all for a purpose to prepare for the battle against very powerful foes the nephilim The people in this avocation that we become acuaintances with in this book suffer so greatly and as I listened it was clear why Their foes were such that it took all their energies to fight them and losing one’s life could be a given at any time6 Ms Trussoni did such a good job of tying all the various narrators together The story spans over a thousand years well actually goes back to biblical times but it all plays a part and each narrator took my attention and held it hostage as I listened7 Percival Grigori was a fascinating villain There were times I felt really sorry for him and other times I hated him His highly complicated relationship with Gabriella Levy French Valco made for some good reading The societies that the nephilim had built and how they became the ones controlling all the power and money in the modern world felt so plausible part of me wonders if this is truly possible It kind of makes sense Final ThoughtsAlthough the ending was a buzz kill I was very impressed overall with this book The angel parts were surreally intoxicating I found I cared about the characters and I was so engaged with their struggles This book found my angel love and pulled me tight to the narrative The unreal beauty of the angels the black hearts of the nephilim the intense struggle of the frail humans against unimaginably strong but strangely frail in some ways celestial creatures But then those angelologists have some serious tricks up their sleeve If you are a reader who loves angels you should add this to the reading list Overall rating 45 celestial stars

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AngelologyIzi açılış sayfalarından yakalayıp gizemler kanatlanana kadar bırakmayan bir kutsal gerilim kitabı yazmış”Keith Donohue Çalınan Çocuk’un yazarı“Asi Melekler neredeyse halüsinasyon etkisine sahip Yozlaşmış psikolojik ve dini öğeleri zengin ve tuhaf bir tabloda kaynaştırıp okuru gerçekliğin şokuyla yüz yüze getiriyor”Time“Danielle Trussoni’nin Asi Melekler’i heyecanlı harika bir okuma Nefes kesici aldatıcı ve –benzetmeyi bağışlarsanız– şeytanca iyi”Raymond Khoury Son Tapınak Şövalyesi’nin yazar?. All 452 pages of it YupI had issues with this book from the first page The writing isnot good I know Trussoni went to Iowa which is usually a yardstick of some kind and she wrote an acclaimed memoir before this and this very book is a NY Times Notable Book of 2010 So you'd think she'd write a good sentence But no The book is full to bursting with things like Verlaine stared at her flabbergasted at what this otherwise rational woman had just saidand The chaos of people slogging through the slush the suish of buildings the incessant movement of traffic in every direction New York City was deeply familiar despite her years awayThe suish of buildingsSo overall the book feels rushed and superficial It's also about 100 pages too long in part because there's so much redundant and unimportant information and long long passages devoted to careful reiteration of past events and their possible significance At the same time it's missing major appendages like believable character development realistic motivation for a shoe horned in romance thoughtful description of many places people thingsI made myself read to the end of this one because I'm interested in literary writers who turn their hand to genre Sometimes this can go very well Michael Chabon Alden Bell and sometimes it goes very badly Justin Cronin Danielle Trussoni I think the secret to writing good genre fiction is not assuming your readers are simple minded and not treating it like a cash cow for the movie rights Where I think both Cronin and Trussoni did very well So hey this could be a really long overwrought movie at a theater near you soon