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Download Unfolding Book ↠ Ü Selena kitt ↠ Charlie lives an average life in an ordinary home and she isn’t complaining Jack is a good husband and they have beautiful children—but when she discovers her penchant for a secret taboo she finds that it suddenly turns her sex life from a mundane distraction into a mind blowing trG boundaries and forcing her to surrender to something much deeper than herself Warnings This title contains erotic situations a plethora of anal sex elements of BDSM and a menage a trois MFM threesome with a very lucky bellb Unfolding could appropriately be renamed All about Anal There was a familiar concession as he slid slowly into that dark private orifice and while I had to submit allowing him access to my tight dimpled flesh it was a gentle acuiescence This book started out strong a couple reconnecting on a vacation without the kids now that life has gotten in the way of their intimacy Once on vacation it pretty much turns into a porno with a public vibrator scene lots of anal an assortment of sex toys a webcam and even a fisting Then there's a threesome featuring one lucky hotel bellhop The sex was smoking hot especially at the beginning when the couple is reconnecting It goes a little over the top with all the theatrics incorporating the toys and the webcam crossing over into the territory of pretty much porn I've found that it's hit or miss with Selena Kitt She writes great sex for sure but it can sometimes come across as cheesy or simply porn without plot However I did enjoy this book There was a decent storyline good writing and a ton of raunchiness in a hotel room If you're looking for a smutty read to get off on Unfolding’s a good one

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Charlie lives an average life in an ordinary home and she isn’t complaining Jack is a good husband and they have beautiful children but when she discovers her penchant for a secret taboo she finds that it suddenly turns her If you don't like to read about anal sex don't read this book If you do like to read about anal sex this is the book for you Because there is lots and lots of it I think the plot of this book was to see how far a married couple would go I thought it was incredibly hot from the first shower scene with him coaxing her into something new to the end There were things about it that made me uncomfortable view spoilerHe had her bent over the bed with the glass butt plug inserted and he answered the door for room service and invited the guy in I'm still not sure WHY she remained on the bed with her butt in the air but I really think hubs should have told her he was planning to expose her to another person like that He also seemed kind of heavy handed about things like making her wear the slutty outfits making her show herself off behind the lace the live web cam thing hide spoiler

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UnfoldingSex life from a mundane distraction into a mind blowing transcendent experience This is the story of a woman’s exuisite unfolding as her sexual discovery and yearning for something pushes she and her man to the edge testin This is one of the most erotic reads I've read that is definitely oriented to anal sex in all and I mean just about all it's forms from anal virgin to anal sex expert in one long weekend For the eroticism of Selena Kitt's scenes it has to be five star For uality of the story content four star It s a simple story of Charlie and husband Jack in their thirties where work children average often neglected sex life and day to day life pressures have got in the way of their shared lust and passions for each other Doesn't that seem a familiar place to many of us at times Jack has never persuaded Charlene to try that deliciously dark and so often a taboo experience of anal sex The time comes for him to exert his gentle dominance and insistence to at least try it This is as close to BDSM links as it gets although this book claims to be BDSM it is lite This leads to a weekend in a hotel planned in fine detail to develop their sex experiences but emphasis on hers from using toys to vaginal fisting to eventually a threesome with a young waiter saving for college All scenes beautifully described that you are there as close to virtual experience as you can get Yes this really did it for me This threesome is also probably the most testing part of their marriage Jack wants his beautiful wife to experience double penetration she also wants to know what it's like The elements of jealousy and possibility of damaging their close bond his fears of this leading to her wanting a open marriage all come in to play However there relationship is sound Life will go back to daily routine but Jack doesn't intend to let boredom and staleness take over An occasional editing error nothing to distract Overall this has to hit the 45 in stars for me I recommend this to all adults who enjoy erotica BDSM lite not forgetting lovers of anal sex I was extremely fortunate to have had this as a free read I have now added of Selena's stories to my TBR list